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21 October 2008

Good News/Bad News The good news is that I had delicious chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura tonight for dinner.[More:]

The bad news is that I ate it here at the office, because I have a mountain of work to do from here (printers!), and then I have to go home and blog, and do laundry.

Your turn?
Good news: I bought myself a watch today. It's perfect for me: utilitarian, inexpensive, easy to operate, sturdy yet feminine, water-resistant, has both date and time, and isn't hard to put on.

Bad news: Putting it on over my horribly scraped left hand (1x1x1 triangle of skin ripped off on the palm) HURTS. So I'm never taking it off.
posted by Stewriffic 21 October | 19:41
Good news: I have a good friend coming to watch my house and pets while I am away in Stratford. Good because it is hard to find someone reliable who will want to hand-nurse a guinea pig with dental problems.

Bad news: I am desperately trying to make the house presentable so that she does not have to live in my slobbiness. In my rush to clean the house by tonight, I knocked over the mirror in the bathroom and it broke all over the floor. Really bad because I came into my office room to get the broom and decided to check mecha instead of going and sweeping up the glass. :(

posted by typewriter 21 October | 19:45
Good news! My monitor came in today! 22 inches of sweet sweet Hanns-G LCD. I hooked it up to my laptop and now I've got 2 displays, which is supremely useful. Holy crap it's awesome.

Bad news, the group of people I hang out with every Tuesday did not meet, the room we meet in was taken over by a guy selling posters. That would basically be who I hung out with, but I didn't, so now I'm at home alone, again.

But with 2 monitors!
posted by hellojed 21 October | 19:50
Good: I'm finally learning to recognize boundaries of thought processes between myself and my parents. (Yes, I am aware how lame this sounds when typed out, but it's a good thing, really.)

Bad: I'm feeling like shit right now because of their supreme negativity today. (Pops was bitching at me because I didn't want to give money to my two colleges. Mom was bitching at me because she's saying that I'm "not allowed" to go on my epic trip.) Also, I'm thinking about taking the laptop plunge (I'm all desktop, all the way) because it would be nice to have on my trip (I could type up poems, look up shit with WiFi, empty my camera card, fiddle with iRock, send videos home, etc.) but goddamn, it is a lot of money that I really don't have to spare right now.
posted by sperose 21 October | 20:08
Good News: (for somebody I guess)the coffee shop where I get my morning java has a little lucite box where they're giving away condoms.

Bad news: I can just see some bleary eyed commuter thinking his pouring a sugar packet in his morning cup and ruining his whole day.
posted by jonmc 21 October | 20:12
Good News: Had a great night at my friends house watching the first few episodes of Dexter last night, and still have one more to go!

Bad News: Left my wallet there. DOH!
posted by jonathanstrange 21 October | 20:21
Good news: My husband made dinner.

Bad news: He used some questionable vegetables from the crisper bin and things Here's hoping we don't die.
posted by divka 21 October | 20:28
Good news: I was able to find a replacement keyboard for my Samsung Q1 tablet on Amazon used today.

Bad news: It still cost $70 used, and I had to get a replacement--my second replacement--because both times my stupid jerk cat decided to rip off crucial keys so they couldn't be reattached, like the "t" and the nine--using the keyboard without the nine right now.
posted by Twiggy 21 October | 20:47
Good news: I'm Every Woman
Bad news: It's All In Me....
posted by Lipstick Thespian 21 October | 20:53
Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours, LipstickThespian!
posted by jonathanstrange 21 October | 20:54
Good news: Lipstick Thespian is singing Ashford & Simpson. Love them!

Bad news: More jury duty tomorrow. Whole life on hold in the meanwhile, everybody (everybody being my boss and myself) getting really crabby about that.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 October | 20:58
Good news: Six week post-partum checkup today. That means I'm cleared for the sex.

Bad news: Off to Baltimore this weekend, and two of the friends we were hoping to catch up with will be in New York. Brilliant timing.
posted by gaspode 21 October | 21:14
But 'pode! The sex! That swings it back into the "Good News" column again. ^_^
posted by TrishaLynn 21 October | 21:15
'pode! Come to the MeFi meetup!
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 21 October | 21:57
Good news: our programming team has been empowered to do our own data importing from the new HR system.

Bad news: our programming team has been empowered to do our own data importing from the new HR system.

Good news: I canceled out of a long whiny post because the servers that were down came back up!

Long day. Off to bed.
posted by lysdexic 21 October | 21:59
Good news: My husband was just interviewed on the 11 o'clock news.

Bad news: The subject was Diane Fanning.
posted by bunnyfire 21 October | 22:19
Good news: Parcels from home! Soft, cozy pyjama bottoms! HP Sauce! The perfect tea mug! The most gorgeous shawl/scarf thingy evah! The Globe and Mail! And a book bag from Whitehorse! Whitehorse, for chrissakes!

Bad news: I have gone completely overboard in the knitting projects department, and will never get everything finished before I am distracted by the next shiny object. But yay, new projects!
posted by elizard 22 October | 09:59
I saw || F/X has been advertising a new show, "Testees."