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20 October 2008

I don't know nuffin' 'bout birthin' babies! My newest baby cousin (once removed) was born at 34 weeks, at 5 pounds and change...[More:]

Tell me, is that preemie land? I tried to do the math in my head, but couldn't figure it out.

And could you please spare a kind thought for the continued health of little Marcus Romulus who was born on October 13 in Canada, please?
Yes, 34 weeks is premature.

I think 38 weeks and beyond is not considered premature. 40 weeks is full-term.

I'm sending hugs to Marcus, you, and your family, TrishaLynn. Medical science is amazing. Your baby cousin will probably be just fine.
posted by LoriFLA 20 October | 17:05
Yes, it's a little premature, but babies who make it to 33-34 weeks of gestation generally have lower risks of complications that babies born earlier. My middle nephew was born around 35 weeks, and had some respiratory issues that kept him in the hospital for a few weeks after he was born, but he recovered completely and nearly 6 years later he's right as rain.

Good wishes to all your family. (And Lori is exactly right -- medical technology is amazing on this score, and he'll probably be fine!)
posted by scody 20 October | 17:11
My second sentence is kind of wonky. 38 weeks and over is full-term.
posted by LoriFLA 20 October | 17:24
What Lori said. Preemie land but not too preemie. Little Marcus is probably in good hands and with a bit of time you won't even know that he turned up a bit early.
posted by gomichild 20 October | 19:25
Just chiming in to agree with everyone above. My first son was born at 36 weeks, too early to let me have one of those birthing suites that was all the new rage (it was 15 years ago), but he came home with me two days later. And 5 pounds plus isn't a bad size for a 34 week kid. My son was 6lbs 13ozs and the doctor said if he'd "stayed in" he'd have been over 8 pounds, so tell your cousin that her son may have done her a favor. Anyway, congratulations!
posted by redvixen 20 October | 20:28
My oldest niece was born at 30 weeks, just over 2lbs. She was so tiny, was in the hospital for months. She has problems with her legs still, but otherwise she's a normal 15-year-old that needs the snot beaten out of her once in a while.
posted by rhapsodie 21 October | 00:26
Anything over 5 pounds is robust. I wish you well Marcus Romulus!
posted by arse_hat 21 October | 00:32
For what it's worth, I myself was as early as Marcus Romulus and even smaller. I'm short but strong and ridiculously healthy.

Thinking of the little guy. Love his name.
posted by tangerine 21 October | 14:45
I'm totally digging his second name, myself. I believe the parents stuck with Filipino tradition and named him after the saint whose day is on his birthday. I do hope (probably against hope) that if they have another son in the future that one of his middle names will be Remus. ^_^
posted by TrishaLynn 21 October | 15:06
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