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18 October 2008

reasons the internet is cool no. 273 Today I google-found and downloaded a bunch of podcasts on American and British history to listen to on my iPod. Perfect nap fare. Listen, learn, zzzzz, lovely. [More:]Then after I woke up I paid all my bills on line, including transferring allowance money from my "representative payee" (for SSI) account for my former foster kid into his account.

How 'bout you? What's your latest fun-with-the-internet moment?
What - other than you guys?
posted by Lipstick Thespian 18 October | 20:13
Well, I'm listening to the Sox home broadcast while watching the game right now... also, I have a Weather Underground documentary and the Enron documentary, The Smartest Guys in the Room, to watch, both I think via MeFi.

How are the podcasts? Anything especially worth listening to? I haven't really found any classes that I got into all that much...
posted by ibmcginty 18 October | 20:15
For reasons unknown to me, I signed up at Facebook. That led me to the blog of a girl I graduated with. She and I weren't really ever very close (I liked her, but always felt that she didn't like me), but her twin brother and I were very good friends in high school. I "lost touch" with him when I was 19 and he sent me a letter saying that God had put a burden on his heart to pray for me, since he'd learned that I had "become a homosexual."

Anyway, I found her and her blog, and read that she'd adopted 3 special needs kids. She was always so neurotic and flighty, she'd be the last person you'd expect to undertake that kind of thing.

But my god, she's so good at it. She's the perfect mom. She and her husband took in kids who might have never found a loving home. I am totally in awe of her, and I told her so.

This is why I love the internet. Sometimes it shatters assumptions.

I'm not really holding out any hope that I'll shatter any of her family's assumptions, but that's totally fine with me. I'm happy to admire her without anything in return.
posted by mudpuppie 18 October | 20:16
I downloaded episodes from the BBC History magazine podcast, American Experience, something called Teaching American Historya few things by some history teacher, ... So far I've been listening mostly to the BBC History magazine, it's really good.
posted by Claudia_SF 18 October | 20:19
My latest yay-internet thing is just the general fact that I feel less alone. I don't go out and do things in public and I really don't have many IRL friends, but there's always the internet people. :)

yes, I'm aware that makes me sound like a creepy loser, heh.
posted by sperose 18 October | 20:32
I'm in the midst of running a conference, and the coolest yay-internet thing about that is that, instead of people printing up ridiculous piles of handouts, or having to remember to write down the task of mailing somebody some arcane thing at some future date (which we all know would never happen despite good intentions), presenters and attendees can just say "Google me, I'll email it to you" or "Google [whoever,] it's right on their website."
posted by Miko 18 October | 20:40
Mine is the discovery of gametap in the Thief thread on metafilter. How could I have never seen this??
posted by kellydamnit 19 October | 18:11
WTF || Need Sarah Palin Lookalike