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18 October 2008

hee. Gimmee that kitteh now. I want it ever so much.
posted by taz 18 October | 07:01
Heh heh.
posted by Specklet 18 October | 07:24
That put me back in a good mood.
posted by notquitemaryann 18 October | 07:44
posted by gomichild 18 October | 07:52
Look at this dog.
posted by middleclasstool 18 October | 09:32
I am having a completely shit time of things, but this cheered me right up. Thank you.
posted by cmonkey 18 October | 12:51
hee hee hee, awesome!
posted by scody 18 October | 13:57
scodyboy just walked in to see what was making me giggle so much, and now he's laughing too.
posted by scody 18 October | 13:58
That was really awesome!
posted by Doohickie 18 October | 14:34
Found Cat.
posted by rhapsodie 18 October | 15:05
Cat found.
posted by essexjan 18 October | 15:22
Look! Kittens!
posted by essexjan 18 October | 15:23
We found a kitteh today, just sitting there in the middle of the road in the countryside, a few kilometers from my parents' place. We feared that he'd been hit by a car, but this turned out not to be the case. He'd been attacked by some animal - the vet said it was probably another cat. His nose had been cut open and his rear paws were badly bruised, requiring some stitches. He was also in a shock. He's sleeping now, but it'll probably take a week or two before he gets better.
posted by Daniel Charms 18 October | 15:28
Are you keeping him?
posted by essexjan 18 October | 15:58
cmonkey, hang in there. Things get better, I'm sure they will for you.
posted by StickyCarpet 18 October | 16:22
Someone here posted about this a while ago and they said what kind of cat that is. And yes, it is awesome.
posted by puke & cry 18 October | 17:07
I think it's a Pallas cat.
posted by essexjan 18 October | 18:04
About the size of a large domestic cat

I guess that means it's not, like, domesticated.
posted by StickyCarpet 18 October | 19:02
I saw this this morning and laughed very hard. I showed Ikkyu2. He informed me, "That's a pallas cat." And then he allowed himself to smile. It's very important to correctly classify jokes before responding in a humorous manner. :-)
posted by occhiblu 18 October | 19:36
Oh, also, for the four of you who haven't seen it, Look at this fucking candidate.

his font got serifs goddam
posted by middleclasstool 18 October | 19:55
If I had that cat, I'd name it Awesome too.
posted by iamkimiam 18 October | 20:18
middleclasstool, that's some funny shit goddamn you know you want to vote the shit out of it!
posted by scody 18 October | 22:50
essexjan: we can't keep him, as we already have a cat and this flat isn't really big enough for two. It shouldn't be hard to find him a new home, though.
posted by Daniel Charms 19 October | 00:49
I saw Hopkin Green Frog recently. Have you seen Hopkin Green Frog?

P.S. I'll find my frog
posted by shane 19 October | 10:21
Why oh why can't I favorite this thread?
posted by tr33hggr 30 October | 16:09
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