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11 October 2008

Just go back from watching Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome at the theater! I'd never seen it on the big screen, just on TV when I was a kid.[More:]What an entertaining film! I was completely mesmerized by the first 2/3, but kinda lost interest when Max and the kids return to Bartertown and it gets all half-assed slapstick. But the haunting ending nearly brought a tear to my eye.

And Tina Turner might not have been the best actress, but she was SO DAMN FABULOUS anyway!
Thunderdome is burned on my brain.
Two men enter, one man leave!
posted by ethylene 11 October | 21:21
Thunderdome is my least favorite of the three. Too gimmicky and too PG.
posted by octothorpe 11 October | 22:56
octothorpe, I felt the same way in parts. There was something very family-values-ish about the kids, and when they attacked Bartertown, it was like "OMG look at these wonderful kids outwit these terrible bad guys in really hilarious ways!" Very, very 80's in that sense.

But I still stand by the first 2/3 of the film as being pretty darn compelling. The whole Bartertown/Thunderdome world seemed so plausible and pretty richly thought-out. And the cinematography was generally really, really good, something I'd not noticed on video.
posted by treepour 11 October | 23:13
i mean the actual Thunderdome.
When there's no other way, go Thunderdome.
But put better stuff on the fencing.
Like a fly swatter and an ear of corn.
That's how they should settle online fights.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 23:15
ethylene, I'm too tired or something else to get what you're saying, but your comment makes a lovely poem.

i mean the actual thunderdome
where there's no other way

better put stuff on the fencing
like a fly swatter and an ear

of corn. how they should
settle. go thunderdome.
posted by treepour 12 October | 00:37
Don't worry. I've been idly proofing the last week's efforts and it's been the least of my rushed misunderstandings.

i mean like in an xkcd way:
When "someone on the internet is wrong"" and there's no other recourse:
"Two geeks enter! One man leaves!"
Let them fight it out in real life but still in a box surrounded by viewers.
Chainsaws and Star Trek fighting blades are just accidents waiting to happen, so replace the weapons of choice: flyswatters, ears of corn, rubber chickens, that really scary large life like dildo, whatever.
Sure, it may degenerate into a naff slapping and kicking match, but that part of the fun and what's deserved.
The winner is the winner of the match.
It still doesn't mean they are right, just that they won. And once it's gone that far, it's all they really want.
i'd hope wikipedia articles aren't handled that way, more like really stupid discussion threads over minutiae or intractable arguments between people where it's come down to duking it out.

i bet more people would be willing to do it rather than "just whipping them out" because i doubt there's much to whip and i don't think they can "whip it good," so they might as well devolve.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 05:43
As a side note, if someone has the live acoustic version of Jocko Homo, do pass it on.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 05:46
We don't need another hero is just a damn awesome song.
posted by Eideteker 12 October | 07:03
At my job, I've witnessed || I'm really shaken up right now.