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11 October 2008

Invasion of the Bee Girls! "What strange force was taking hold of the women of Peckham, California?"[More:]
A fellow mechatter was kind enough to make me aware of the phenomena and inspire me into thinking maybe we can be evil enough for the big league.
Can me and my Bee cat (not those bee cats) get it done in under twelve hours? Hey, wait, i bet i should check which time zone they mean. And in a way that does not, as this bee cat's expression says, demean us both?
i'm not saying they'll love the very life out of us, but with a little luck and a lot of work, it might be enough to at least keep us amused. That's what really counts.

If only the only people near enough with the means to make this quick and easy weren't so clueless as to know they have this ability, because they use their incredible hardware to do so little they don't even know they have amongst their many neglected features "video capability?!?!", and horrors be any one touch their toys because no one could possibly know what they are doing when they themselves don't.
Note my incredible restrain with the puns.
But i think anyone who has, say, seen that horrid but liquid dabbler (to be kind) buy a truly fine guitar just to try and figure out an even lamer version of some matchbox 20 song (Who knew it was possible?) or worse, so much worse--
You feel me. You know where i'm coming from.
When someone thinks they might want to try photography and gets the ultra mega camera on a whim just to take really bad photos a couple times before never touching it again.

Stopping myself before getting to the people with the frightfully awesome computers that will make us all gnash our teeth with despair.

So here's to B movies and Bee girls, graveyard tramps, and the noble pursuit for shameless comedy.
Mmmmm, royal jelly...
posted by StickyCarpet 11 October | 11:25
I'm almost embarrassed to admit, I saw this movie back in the day.
posted by BoringPostcards 11 October | 11:30
i wanna see it. Gifts and blessing to the one who finds the means.

Speaking of which (because hopefully no more posts from me today, i've had quite enough of me, thank you), i did need to bring up something here for mechatters:

Because of associated and ridiculous (funny and so sad) postal problems i'm only too happy to share when it's all done and dealt with, and other past failed attempts to send things to members, this time i did a test run first. Since i haven't heard from anyone, i assume it failed spectacularly.

i'd promised some people i'd send things by snail mail and said i'd definitely do so by fall. Well, it's fall and i keep my word, or at least try my dilly damn darnest. Those people should know who they are.

What i did was send out five cards to people whose addresses i've been sent or acquired that had a big MECHA on the front, and to respond upon receipt by email with MECHA in the header. They all should have definitely arrived by well before now.
If you are one of those who knows who you are (why ain't i saying? i don't want people to feel excluded or like there's a special clique, plus oooh, Mystery! and some surprise), please resend your snail mails again so i can check how and if i may have screwed up.
Some of you are Canadians. The rest are domestic. One of you is not expecting it at all.

If anyone does end up getting them (because it could be i sent the right cards to the wrong people or some similar, too familiar fuck up) please speak up here or email.
(Yeah, i'll take it to email too but i'm hoping happy accidents may have happened, confusing though they may have been.)

While your electro stim unit can be replaced, this stuff can't cuz i made it, dammit, by my own lone sad self with my poor crippled hands *pout, whimper, pout, pout* and i'd like it to not be "the thought that counts" for once and the effort to not be the only reward. (Quite over that as well.)

Ain't no diamonds coming in the mail. It's mostly practically worthless in a sense. But it's still yours to discard, not the postal system.

Here's to hoping.
And here's a Bee girl, budding starlet:
≡ Click to see image ≡
You'd think wrangling the talent would be the hard part, eh?
posted by ethylene 11 October | 12:13
Should anyone care, the talent's been super cooperative, the machinery has not.
One is too old. One is too new. One can't be borrowed. One can't do blues.
Anything that can be done would be so low quality…
Video i'm not bothered about being lo res as much as audio degradation, that's a killer, and since i haven't been training or tobacco free-- kkkkkkkkkk
posted by ethylene 11 October | 15:30
If i can get anything to load, for anyone willing to help test it, don't bother being kind, just constructive.
Big IF.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 15:54
So i figured out how to do it.
It can be done, completely and not to shabbily.
Just one problem:
Can't get it off the camera in a usable form.


i'm sure it works and there's a way and it could just be a glitch that will never occur again any other time any other day. But five times is my limit right now.
My towel is thrown.

i'll fetch it for easy travel to other planets, but i'm out.
At least i didn't force myself into public embarrassment by showing the ones attempted by phone, and the Bees found it all mildly entertaining.

Wendell still may have a shot.
Good luck, wendell!
Give 'em heck!
posted by ethylene 11 October | 17:29
Good luck with the evilness, eth.

Also, you've mentioned in one of my radio posts that you were going to try sending me a shrinky dink. If I was one of the lucky ones, then nope I didn't get it. I'd sent you my address on April 4 - if you don't have the email, I'll resend. Well. If I'm one of them. If not, no biggie.
posted by Zack_Replica 11 October | 22:01
Oh, the evil is so over. That was the schtick as well, how the Bees made me do it, and i just couldn't pull it off, not being evil. Then i have a little breakdown and end with the money line.

Yes, sir, you are one of the lucky unlucky few. Please resend.

Appropos of nothing, did anyone (besides seany) know when you change the language in your profile, certain words change language? i now know how to say preview in four languages.
You know that's coming in handy.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 22:11
Our next attempt at ad hoc videography will be like an American Apparel clothing demonstration, in which i show the different ways in which she can be worn: over the shoulder, hung over the arm, draped from the chest…
posted by ethylene 12 October | 06:48
posted by ethylene 12 October | 09:22
What movie are you going to watch this weekend? || Heh, this list amuses me.