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10 October 2008

Stephen Fry makes me twitter or is it all atwitter? Both or either way, let's hope he doesn't look suspicious at the airports[More:] not that i have a clue if they are anything like the stories i hear of here, or empirical knowledge of airport security measures in the last seven years (due to circumstances that have nothing to due with terrorism, unless that's now also a code word for frightfully bad luck.)

Let's wish him ease and good graces in his journey, and make sure we get him back safe, wherever he wants to go.
I love Stephen Fry.
posted by seanyboy 10 October | 04:37
He's an international treasure.
Should someone try to kidnap him or whatever somesuch of the likes that happened to that one kid with twitter, expect unified forces to wing to his aid.
Even the anonymous.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 04:41
Hee, I just saw him last night on Buzzcocks, as he mentioned he was going to do!
posted by Specklet 10 October | 06:08
i requested QI and The Boosh from netflix. Cross your continental fingers. Do we get Buzzcocks here? Anyone? *sigh* i miss my bbc america.

i can imagine a phalanx of Guy Fawkes masks seeing him off at Heathrow or wherever else you people can leave from.
i've been a fan of his for so long, and i love that both him and Hugh Laurie are so revered now.
And i loved hearing about how Hugh and Emma Thompson use to date and he use to be huge and muscular, ha, oh uni…
posted by ethylene 10 October | 06:33
I love Stephen Fry. He did a documentary about the Gutenberg Press a few months ago which I thought was awesome. When I was in NY last July, Jason and I went to the Morgan Museum just so I could see the three Gutenberg Bibles they have on display there. I would probably not have been interested had I not seen the documentary.

We stood in this little room, looking at the Bibles in their glass cases, along with all these other serious people and I found hidden in the Latin what looked like a very rude word and pointed it out to Jason. We sniggered like 12-year-olds.

Stephen Fry's new series starts on BBC1 this Sunday evening.
posted by essexjan 10 October | 07:56
"Not available in your area"

Oh so true.
posted by ethylene 10 October | 08:05
A couple of years ago I was in Machu Picchu, Peru and I noticed this man who looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place him. A few weeks later, I saw him on TV back in America and slapped my forehead. Brushes with fame. It'll kill ya.
posted by heyallie 10 October | 17:26

i wonder if they could gather most everyone up for a sequel to Peter's Friends.
i wonder what the longest lifespan from contraction to death has been, since so many people seem to have survived it without nearly the problems they use to have. If you haven't seen the movie, don't try to figure that out. It's a spoiler.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 11:13
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