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10 October 2008

I'm sure you're all wondering hey, what's Britney Spears up to these days?[More:]Well she just made a new video and it is H-O-T! The bitch is back!
It's a teensy bit ironic that a woman whose whole career has been based on being a sex object is complaining about men who regard women as objects.
posted by desjardins 10 October | 22:06
I'm glad for her. I hope her career gets back on track. Didn't she have a number one album when she was really losing it? I think the critics even liked it for the pop album that it was.

I want to look like that in a sauna. Tell me your tricks, Britney.
posted by LoriFLA 10 October | 22:09
TPS, do you know how much Nokia paid for the product placement?
posted by box 10 October | 22:18
I do not, but if word comes round, I'll let you know.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 October | 22:21
I kind of hate it that I like this song. (I've always liked really crappy pop stuff, though.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 10 October | 22:26
a) She seems to like the electronic choppy lyrics things (womanizer, woma-woma-womanizer) - she had the same thing going in "Gimme More".

b) The director (who did Toxic) obviously has a thing for putting Britney in wigs!

She's recovered well. I felt for her during her crazy stage because I've been there (and kinda still am...) so if she can bounce back I suppose I could too. Maybe not as hot, but ah well.
posted by divabat 11 October | 00:00
It's weird that she can do this while she still seems to be under conservatorship.
posted by grouse 11 October | 00:14
She looks a lot better with dark hair. A lot better.
posted by dg 11 October | 02:14
I think she looks good in the banging redhead wig. But that's my current look so leave it alone Britney! ;P

I'd like to see more of the guy in the video. And just like Toxic, this one makes no sense. Is he a womanizer or are all those women throwing themselves on him? The man is scared.
posted by dabitch 11 October | 04:25
"This video is no longer available."
i'm okay with that.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 10:08
hm, mark me in the "kind of hate that I like it..." but maybe not because:

a) she's pointedly making fun of everyone's opinion of her being "crazy", yes?

b) she's turning the tables and making the guy into the sex doll, imo which is an interesting take. Playing the femme fatale and owning it, like teeps alluded to. and i'm ok with that.

c) it's a good pop song, and yes there is such a thing.

d) boy is seriously hot. we see "enough" of him to get the idea across dabs. he doesn't have to be nekkid, just in way over his head (vis a vis chauffer scene(s) where she's entirely in control despite being in the back seat.

heh. some good metaphors in there. and no i can't believe I said that about a BS vid.

and yea that black wig nerdcretary getup is seriously hawt. but then I have been known to wander the halls of BigPharmaCo in braids and buddy holly glasses myself...
posted by lonefrontranger 11 October | 12:31
Got it to play. Not bad. Could use some tweaking, some parts go on a bit too long. Her writers/producers/whatevers should do something about that. i'm sure a remixing will fix it some soon enough.

Dabs, copyright your look, rake in the royalties.

She does look much like the old Britney, fit wise, and after kids and chronic Cheeto fever. i hope the trainers and regime stick, i think it's good for her.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 13:17
I'm sure it will be a big hit, it is back in the "Toxic" mold, not that I pay that much attention to her output.

lfr is right with (b). This is a very interesting "take" on modern sexual roles in its own right, and I would also add that it seems to incorporate a lot of dialog with the public Britney persona, including the crazy angle. No, it isn't Fellini or something, but it's definitely entering Madonna territory in certain ways -- only with a girl-child vulnerability that Madonna would never have dared show.

I did find it interesting that after everything she's been through her nekkidity was of barely more than academic interest.

I laughed when he got really scared entering the tunnel. Freudy-cat.
posted by stilicho 11 October | 14:05
Do we really know or think she had a majority of creative input?
i'd like to think some, but it could be mostly on the part of "everyone else."
posted by ethylene 11 October | 14:39
I did find it interesting that after everything she's been through her nekkidity was of barely more than academic interest.

here's the thing. more I think about it, the more I feel like she empowered her nakedness and all those BDSM-cliche outfits in the various scenes (waitress, secretary, chauffeur, c'mon, she gave 'em all a nod... sexy maid would have been going too far methinks...) by taking the boy in the "power" suit and completely making him a vulnerable, overwhelmed, passive toy. and yea, Freud much?

eth, I think it's (mainly) other people, talented ones. Brit's got a good head for publicity and probably had a notion/high level concept of what she wanted, but imo some of that stuff's pretty subtle and maybe beyond her ken a bit. Bet she knows who to go to to really get it done/made right, though. Hasn't she proved that before? Her wisdom is in knowing the music video scene well enough to know when she needs help in execution, I guess.

*mildly appalled that she's sitting here beanplating a britney spears video* I blame the weather. guess ima go downtown and watch a movie.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 October | 15:07
i'm not gonna go onto good head, but i do think that she might have given them a gist to work off of, but i'm not going to go into britneywikiinfo world to see if she gets any credit on being anything other than a performer. Which she should be good at now, she's been at it since she was a child.
Still, there is a choreographer, etc., etc.
Maybe she's let go or mutable enough to let people make the better decisions for her, and that's fine, but i've never thought she was ever said, meant or perceived as much more than a performer.

i don't wish her ill, if anything i wish she let herself be led by people who know better.
When Paris Hilton is the one telling you to close your legs--

And that i know such things just proves media saturation.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 15:20
The interesting thing would be to listen to this and "Sexy Back" back to back, because both are considered "OMG, I'M BACK AND REALLY TALENTED!" songs. I've already confessed my love for SB, and I actually might consider getting this one to listen to on my iPod.

As for the video, I loved all the guys in suits. But then again, that's my fetish, so that was a given.

I wasn't sure exactly what she was trying to say in the video, though, and part of me was analyzing it to see if at any point the guy was being trapped into coming off as sleazy, and I can think of only one.

It's a cutaway scene in the secretary dance number, where she's grooving in front of him and he wants to touch her ass. He could have been trying to give her support for the next dance maneuver!
posted by TrishaLynn 12 October | 07:26
As we were out for a walk in the gale-forced winds this afternoon, || Fantasy Basketball?