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10 October 2008

As we were out for a walk in the gale-forced winds this afternoon, we did not, I'll have you know, steal, mar, or otherwise corrupt the YES ON 8 sign in the yard down the street.[More:]

It was a really tough call, though.

There are a couple of McCain signs around here, but not many. I have no problem with them. I totally support anyone's right to choose the candidate who best reflects their political views. (Yes, those political views may somehow be dangerous to me. I don't like it, but they're entitled. Democracy and all that.)

The Yes on 8 sign, though, it feels different. That sign is about denying me rights. It's hard to adopt the perspective that the sign is FOR some ideal, instead of AGAINST me. Very hard.

But we left it alone. Because we're better than that.

We also kept our hands off the John Edwards '08 sign that recently appeared down the block from the Yes On 8 sign. Because really, that's just funny.
Good for you, mudpuppie. I imagine it's very difficult, mudpuppie. A hate statement stuck in the ground. It's upsetting.

I have seen a couple of McCain signs. I have seen a few Obama bumper stickers at school. Other than that, I have not seen a lot of signage. It's strange. I saw a ton of W stickers four years ago. We're not allowed to put signs up in our neighborhood. We put our Obama sign in the front window from the inside.
posted by LoriFLA 10 October | 21:54
We had our McCain sign stolen last week (a lot of signs-on both sides-have been stolen en masse out of yards here locally.)

What some people might not know is that it is a misdemeanor to tamper with a sign-and if the sign is worth 50 bucks-or if they do damage or steal fifty bucks worth-it's a felony. At least here in NC. Not that I ever see anybody getting caught...

I've been a little worried about my car-my hubby put a pink Palin sticker on it without asking. I was planning on not putting anything on it at all since I am seriously worried about car tamperage. I know most supporters on both sides are decent folks but both sides also have folks who might be less scrupled.

Oh, Mudpuppie, I would love it if hm, someone took a picture of that Edwards sign because somebunny would love to see it-that IS funny!
posted by bunnyfire 10 October | 22:12
Damn, that is tough.

A sign for an opposing politician just means someone disagrees with you... a sign declaring opposition against your family is like a big "FUCK YOU" sitting there in someone's yard.

I guess it was a small mercy there were no yard signs here in Georgia, and we got the "FUCK YOU" delivered to our family anonymously by the voters.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 October | 22:39
Jeez, I finally recycled my Edwards 08 sign three weeks ago. If I'd known it was still viable...
posted by Triode 10 October | 22:58
My Mom snagged me a Hillary sign in Denver (she was in town during the convention, though not for it). I am keeping it FOREVER.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 October | 23:09
In Toronto, there has been some scary incidents over political signage. Vandalism, and threatening phone calls. And worse, brake lines on cars were cut, as well as cable and phone lines. Scary.
posted by typewriter 10 October | 23:18
Sorry, for a Canadian, what does "Yes On 8" refer to?
posted by typewriter 10 October | 23:19
Ah, I googled, I see. Yes, disconcerting, to say the least.
posted by typewriter 10 October | 23:21
That's just wrong. I don't think I would be able to resist the way you did - good on you for respecting the right to free speech.
posted by dg 11 October | 02:18
Yank it, pups. A sign like that is a declaration of war AFAIC.
posted by trondant 11 October | 07:26
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