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09 October 2008

I woke up with pain in my hamstrings. I didn't want to go to work. Pips made me go. Not one of her better ideas. [More:] About a half hour after we opened, there was a kerfuffle at the side door near my station involving the security guards and Joey, the likable kid from Jackson Heights who works on the van picking up big lots from estate sales and the like. They weren't mad at him, they just seemed to be trying to get him to calm down. From various sources, including Joey himself, I pieced together what happened. Apparently he was leaning against the van lighting a cigarette when this 'huge' (Joey's description) guy came up and sucker-punched him right in the mouth, then said 'you guys are all alike,' and ran off. I saw Joey's face later and this guy hit him pretty hard, his mouth was bloodied and bruised. Turns out the guy was the boyfriend of a girl who works in the basement (I still haven't figured out which one) who didn't like the way Joey looked at her. or so the rumor mill says. Who knows. Still pretty fucked up.

Later on, the local bunch of Hare Krishnas decided to orbit the store for about 40 minutes banging their bongos. A few years back, I saw a bunch of them on St. Mark's Place and they had a boombox playing some beats and had worked out some snazzy syncopated dance moves. Somebody's been watching MTV, I think. Oddly they accompanied that with an accordion.

I also ahd some crazy talkative old fart who made me unload about 400 unboxed, ubagged books from his car and didn't tip me a dime, the cheap bastard. and he never shut up once and held up the line.

Amberglow stopped by, too. he says hello.
amberglow, how the heck is he? And where the heck is he? Where did he go?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 20:04
He's had some rough breaks, but he's bent but unbroken.
posted by jonmc 09 October | 20:05
I read that as "snazzy sychopathic dance moves"

I hope your leg is feeling better. Alternate hot and cold, wear clean underwear, always have a little pocket change, and use a little club soda.

/Aunt Rose
posted by MonkeyButter 09 October | 20:11
And make sure to take a walk every day. And get sun on your forehead.
posted by Stewriffic 09 October | 20:17
Tell amberglow I said hi when you see him again...
so Hare Krishnas are still around? It's been decades since I have seen any.
posted by bunnyfire 09 October | 20:25
God, yeah, I really miss amberglow. Sorry about your lousy day, too.
posted by Miko 09 October | 20:53
Miko, I don't know if it's 'lousy,' so much as it's just plain bizarre. I'm getting into serious "Oh yeah? What else is on this planet?' Mode. I asked a few of the employees who were from out west or down south and asked them 'When you write home and tell people what happens here, do they believe you?' A lot of them said they have a tough time convincing.
posted by jonmc 09 October | 20:58
i was gonna put this in your other thread.
i miss amber and now know it's good for you.
i woke up with bruisy legs, too, for no good or possible reason.
It's been one of those days for lots of people, even those just watching it.
posted by ethylene 09 October | 21:24
When i lived in New York, i couldn't really imagine being outside of it. Everything was there or from there.
i remember thinking just before moving, in mild revelation, "Oh my god, all the channels will be different."
i had no idea how different.
But i was still a kid.
It's too easy to see how people never have to leave or think of it.
posted by ethylene 09 October | 21:30
i remember thinking just before moving, in mild revelation, "Oh my god, all the channels will be different."

There was a girl from Flushing who used to work at the store. Nine months ago she announced that she was moving to Denver. I said "You'll have to change all your baking recipies!"
posted by jonmc 09 October | 21:33
And drink exploding beer.
posted by ethylene 09 October | 21:49
Amberglow was the first person to give me the time of day on MeFi.
posted by Doohickie 09 October | 21:52
Yes, I made him go to work. I got him in a choke chain and dragged him down the sidewalk like a stubborn St. Bernard. ;)
posted by Pips 09 October | 22:28
(We needed milk money.)
posted by Pips 09 October | 22:29
And we all know there's a market for girls dragging guys down sidewalks in choke chains...

(and that market's going to stay, no matter what the economy does. It's one of the bare necessities people!)
posted by Quentin 09 October | 22:53
amberglow, yeah! Tell him I say hi and there are a bunch of economics threads he would be useful in..
posted by By the Grace of God 10 October | 04:03
Amberglow was the first person to give me the time of day on MeFi.

To be fair, your constant requests for the current time were offtopic, and given the timestamp beneath each one of them, pretty unnecessary.
posted by Eideteker 10 October | 10:21
Alternate hot and cold, wear clean underwear, always have a little pocket change, and use a little club soda.

There are two kinds of people in the world, so save your money.

Amberglow, if you're reading this, hello there.

"Famous bookstore" just closed their downtown branch, did you have to unload all those books, jon?
posted by StickyCarpet 10 October | 10:35
I was only thinking about Amberglow the other day when I watched a documentary about New York. They showed the whispering gallery in Grand Central Station, which Amberglow took me to on my first visit in June 2007.
posted by essexjan 10 October | 13:25
I miss amberglow, too. I definitely need to start hanging out here more often again.
posted by TrishaLynn 10 October | 15:56
Oh, goodie.
posted by Pips 10 October | 18:58
Just chiming in late to say how much I miss amberglow too. Hope he'll want to re-join us sooner or later.
posted by marsha56 21 October | 12:24
Has anyone else been || Doomsaying