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01 October 2008

Two new things to me. i'm waiting/hoping for muxtape's return and i don't know how well "mythical" amber properties work on babies[More:] but i am awful fond of amber and lessening the tortured screaming of babies, maybe even more than playable online playlists.
Any empirical knowledge of either or other?
Anyone find a decent muxtape substitute they really like yet for the interim?
Anyone find a stone that works for them? Impending teething seems like a good thing to be ready for, you… people, but besides that.
i think the loss of a spherical citron amulet has made me worse for wear.
Hmm. Never heard of the amber thing and frankly, It sounds weird.

Frozen sliced thick carrots are a big hit for teethers. Nice and cold, some resistance to chewing but not too much, and any juice swallowed it just plain healthy anyway. My gal got bored with the carrots after ten minutes so I had a stash in the freezer. That's why a full carrot is a waste, slice them in wide & thick flat pieces for optimal carrot-usage. They get a bit wonky after ten minutes of chew and ready for the bin.
posted by dabitch 01 October | 02:57
*takes copious notes*
posted by gomichild 01 October | 03:18
i was just reading about a friend's seven month old teething.
i like amber so even if the kid didn't like it, i think, hey, cool jewelry.
i've heard of everything from whiskey to freezing gel toys to kids who don't fuss much (ha) so it seems whatever works, you go for.
Is there some big chart/timeline they give you about when start and stop?
posted by ethylene 01 October | 03:28
well then, I'll dice some more free advice. Don't try to be a painkiller free hero when the molars come in, some of them can hurt bad. While the front teeth might cause extra chewy-bitey everything and could be calmed with the carrot trick, molar-pain could actually wake her from her sleep. All teeth "peak" with one day or evening being extra fussy baby and you can feel with your finger in there if it's the breaking point, and like I said front teeth aren't so bad (except the first one, probably for the pain phenomenon - they get used to it as others come along). In the states I hear there's some cream you can rub on the area that numbs it, over here they recommend mild baby painkillers. It's just very important that if it keeps waking them, they need to rest from the pain. And so do you! We resorted to painkillers for the first tooth (one night = good sleep) and two molars. I don't think that is bad, and she handled all other teeth quite well.
posted by dabitch 01 October | 03:31
All babies seem to choose their own timelines, but a good way to tell if it really is time (apart from feeling in the mouth) is if they are running a mild temperature, that's the breaking point. That's also why we used mild painkillers to bring her temp down. My gal started at around six months, some babies start as early as three or four even.
posted by dabitch 01 October | 03:34
There's topical painkillers (lidocaine, etc) but you hear of pros and cons and the wackiest baby advice depending on who's talking. Besides it being better or worse to have them chew and drool, there is some messed up advice being handed down out there about all manner of things.

Once, i had this kid telling me how her mom believed in rough, scratchy cloth diapers to encourage quick potty training.
Still sounds wrong and creepy.
posted by ethylene 01 October | 04:05
I thought you weren't supposed to put necklaces on babies lest they manage to get their little fists wound up in it and choke themselves to death?
posted by Fuzzbean 01 October | 10:07
My first thought was that they were for chewing (and there are "jewels" for gnawing) but it looks like there are scientific reasons, Nobel Prize winner verified, which makes me wonder if that's part of why i am so attracted to amber.
Yet i own so very little of it.
i always look at the amber offered on the hunger site and affiliates but i talk myself out of it or dislike a setting, but the studs, magic bean ring and sun setting are nice… i do love that ambery color.
posted by ethylene 01 October | 20:59
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