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09 October 2008

Do you have a favorite Elvis song? This is mine. It reminds me of listening to music on AM radio when I was a kid in the 1970s.
:) Mine is Good Luck Charm. I especially like the backing harmonies.
posted by chewatadistance 09 October | 07:58
The crazy backing vocals are my favorite thing about "Suspicious Minds," too!
posted by BoringPostcards 09 October | 08:05
Blue Moon is just one of the coolest songs ever recorded. When my wife and I talked about what "our song" would be at the wedding, we both immediately said Blue Moon, and that was that.
posted by Hellbient 09 October | 08:09
That's All Right (Mama)

Reminds me of being a wee tiny lass and dancing with my mom.
posted by Specklet 09 October | 08:12
The Waylon Jennings / Jesse Coulter version of Suspicious Minds is one of those seminal memories for me. My father was stationed at one of the war colleges when I was about 7. The officers in his class used to take their families to one of the rec beaches for short vacations. One of the officers in his class was one of the only single adult men my parents knew--as far as I knew anyway. He was handsome and young (probably no younger than my dad, but I didn't know that), handsome and a helicopter pilot. I remember him snorkling on that trip, with a Korean officer, and catching octopus, which we ate.

He had a girlfriend with him. I suppose she was more than a girlfriend, as she and her daughter took each reassignment with him. She had Jacklyn Smith hair and long legs.

You know, I was a kid. I knew my parents loved each other because they were my parents. Also, they were affectionate, went on dates and had parties together. They shared private jokes and memories. But they were my parents; I never thought about it, never noticed.

But the helicopter pilot and the young brunette? They were in love. You could tell. I suppose it could just be I'd never noticed adults who weren't someone's parents, being people. I remember around the camp fire one night, my father put "The Outlaws" in the tape player and when "Suspicious Minds" came on, the helicopter pilot dragged his girl out of the tent, laughing and protesting, and he made her dance with him, singing in her face, until she swatted him and went away, with that affectionate-annoyed-embarrassed by the public display face.

You know, it was the kind of thing you saw on the teevee, not in life. I always remembered it.

Not that I don't like Elvis (I think Little Sister is my favorite, because it's so much of its time). But.
posted by crush-onastick 09 October | 08:25
"Burning Love" is the one that reminds me of listening to AM radio when I was a kid in the 1970s.
posted by JanetLand 09 October | 08:37
"I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine" is one of my favorites from the Sun Sessions. Oh, and "Mystery Train" is brilliant.
posted by grabbingsand 09 October | 08:45
Damn, that's an awesome story, crush-onastick!
posted by BoringPostcards 09 October | 08:53
Poke Salad Annie. He didn't write it but sure liked to sing it.

Poke salad Annie, 'gators got you granny
Everybody said it was a shame
'Cause her mama was aworkin' on the chain-gang
(a wretched, spiteful, straight-razor totin' woman,
Lord have mercy. Pick a mess of it)
posted by rainbaby 09 October | 09:08
"Return to Sender."

One summer, I was in summer school. Summer school was at one of the elementaries, and kids from every school were gathered at this one school for 8 weeks, half a day. My mom sent me every summer, to get me out of her hair, I guess.

There was this teacher there named Mr. Sendak. When "Return to Sender" came out, I always heard it as "Return to Sendak" and wondered why Elvis would have made a record about this teacher. . .

I hear it that way, even today. . .
posted by danf 09 October | 09:26
Hound Dog, no question
posted by matteo 09 October | 09:44
Suspicious Minds for me too. It's special for my lady and I, which is a little weird, I'll grant, given that we don't have any trust issues whatsoever.
posted by SpiffyRob 09 October | 09:49
Man, I'm not having good luck with me vs. I today. You know what's terrible? When you take the time to actually preview your post, confirm that it's great, and then, RIGHT as the page is loading, you realize you effed it all up.
posted by SpiffyRob 09 October | 09:51
Dunno if it's my favorite, but I like 'In the Ghetto' a lot.
posted by box 09 October | 09:56
Mystery Train, hands down.
posted by syntax 09 October | 10:00
Surrender and Burning Love. I love that crazy "OOH-ooh-ooh" in the middle of Burning Love, and the whole Latin-James Bond flavor of Surrender.
posted by initapplette 09 October | 10:05
Baby, Let's Play House
posted by chillmost 09 October | 11:01
I love "In The Ghetto" but it's a close thing with "A Fool Such As I", which was No.1 on the chart the day I was born.
posted by essexjan 09 October | 12:25
US Male.
posted by chococat 09 October | 13:16
Hound Dog. Suspicious Minds is number two.
posted by LoriFLA 09 October | 13:25
My favorite Elvis recording is Clean Up Your Own Back Yard. It's a Mac Davis penned song from the soundtrack to the 1969 film, the Trouble With Girls. I recall a version without the backing vocals that was a little rougher, but I have no clue where I heard it.

Number two would go all the back to the beginning, "That's Alright Mama". That song still smokes today.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 09 October | 13:28
Suspicious Minds because it's probably the best blue-eyed soul performance ever. Trouble, because it's Elvis at his most badass.
posted by jonmc 09 October | 20:15
i have to say Suspicious Minds, too, but he's got a different song to fit many a mood, be it campy or sincere.
For some reason In The Ghetto almost always cracks me up. i think it always popped on at that odd juxtaposed moment for me.
At the right time, in the right place, something like "i can't help falling in love with you" can break open your heart.
posted by ethylene 09 October | 21:42
I love anything Elvis. Teddy Bear's a favorite, since our Massapequa Elvis sang it at our wedding in Vegas.
posted by Pips 09 October | 22:40
"It's Now or Never," I think. It was used on the soundtrack for a play I was in in college, as the "we're walking out to take our bows" music. So I always get that elated "OMG we did good! People are standing and clapping!" feeling when I hear it.

And it tags onto some Chris Isaak/Roy Orbison love for me. I love crooners.
posted by occhiblu 09 October | 23:54
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