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08 October 2008

New 'Do! [More:]I got my hair cut short, and I love it! Here's the before (please excuse the picture - I really don't photograph well):

≡ Click to see image ≡

And here's the new cut:

≡ Click to see image ≡

I can't get my hands out of my hair - it's so swingy!
posted by redvixen 08 October | 19:55
This post was inspired by this thread.
posted by redvixen 08 October | 19:58
So cute! It suites you!
posted by Sil 08 October | 19:59
super-cute! I like it.
posted by gaspode 08 October | 20:07
Way hey!
posted by Wolfdog 08 October | 20:16
tres chic!
posted by Pips 08 October | 20:17
It looks great! Short hair is SO nice and breezy.
posted by Miko 08 October | 20:31
Nice cut, and you do photograph well so phhpt!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 08 October | 20:36
Stunning! And I'm jealous of the color.
posted by jrossi4r 08 October | 20:40
Very very nice. I need a haircut So. Bad.
posted by Stewriffic 08 October | 20:50
Thank you, everyone! Psst, jrossi, the color comes from a box. It used to be this color, until I had kids and they sucked all the nice color out of it. Now I have to contend with all the gray that's suddenly popping up all over.
posted by redvixen 08 October | 20:56
Hubba hubba!
posted by dg 08 October | 21:33
OMG so cute!
posted by danf 08 October | 23:19
The previous one was in no way shabby, tho.
posted by danf 08 October | 23:23
Woah! Redvixen! So that's what you look like!

I like both versions, actually. But get down with your bad self!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 08 October | 23:30
i like the before, too, but i think it's the warm lighting.
Nothing like a fresh haircut.
i'm considering of something drastic myself.
Maybe in the name of high holy holidays.
posted by ethylene 08 October | 23:58
Nice! And echoing the lovely colour!
posted by gomichild 09 October | 01:08
posted by chillmost 09 October | 05:51
I love it. You look great!
posted by LoriFLA 09 October | 05:53
You were beautiful before, & you're beautiful after! Win, Win! Congratulations on the new style!
posted by mightshould 09 October | 08:03
I like! I also like the word "swingy."
posted by BoringPostcards 09 October | 08:22
posted by Joe Invisible 09 October | 11:07
Lovely! And what a great colour too, conker brown.
posted by essexjan 09 October | 12:43
Ooooh, laladida. The old cut was rather tously; the new cut is sleek. And great color. Go forth and conquer the world.
posted by theora55 09 October | 13:27
Shave the goatee or keep it? || I cycled 18 miles this evening.