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05 October 2008

I broke metachat. I'm sorry. I'm trying to make it better.
It's like minimalist art.
posted by typewriter 05 October | 11:31
Wow. It's more broken than I thought! Is that an avatar box???
posted by typewriter 05 October | 11:32
Oh fuck, bugger, bollocks, shit.
posted by seanyboy 05 October | 11:35
Hey! Looking pretty good!
posted by typewriter 05 October | 11:37
I thought that you had erased the entire DB...
posted by dabitch 05 October | 11:41
Nah - Just some weirdness with my FTP Client. I was trying to remove some changes I'd been making locally and managed to delete the source code on the server.

There were backups, but you'll notice I lost the current cover art.

There may be a couple of other gotchas floating round the system. I'll firefight as they come up.

Also. There should be a proper backup somewhere I'll try and find it.
posted by seanyboy 05 October | 11:45
The only gotcha that I can see now is that the form-box we type in, is smaller than it used to be (as in not as wide).
posted by dabitch 05 October | 11:49
The text box is shifted to the right also.
posted by octothorpe 05 October | 11:51
The textbox is smaller for me too. (Then again, the internet, which unfortunately controls all the databases we use at work, including the one that sends/processes requests HAS BEEN SHITTING OUT EVERY 5 MINUTES ALL GODDAMN DAY here at work.)
posted by sperose 05 October | 11:55
Yeah - It's smaller. Not sure what I've done. I need to get my trashed local version up and running again, then I can see what I've done.
posted by seanyboy 05 October | 11:56
Not sure if it would be any help at all, but google's cache seems to be in tact (as of this moment).
posted by -t 05 October | 12:02
awww seanyboy, can only imagine the anxiety you must have been going through.

I like the new look. really.
posted by nickyskye 05 October | 12:22
It looks the same to me!
posted by loiseau 05 October | 12:42
The mouseover tags on the photos just made me laugh.
posted by occhiblu 05 October | 13:29
I thought that you had erased the entire DB

So did i.
Like a flood, all washed away
and i wondered, would we start all over?
Damn, what about all the stuff i had here i never saved or copied anywhere else?
If we could start all over, what--

Then the phone rang. Then the Bees knocked a box of seedlings and wet dirt everywhere. Then i had to deal with people.

The text box is still small for me.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 14:33
I miss all the fun.
posted by dg 05 October | 15:37
Lets see if this works.
posted by seanyboy 05 October | 18:02
Looks same as before.
i kinda liked the shift, besides the potential trauma.
Who did the pattern that was on the right?
posted by ethylene 05 October | 18:31
taz did the pattern that was to the right.
≡ Click to see image ≡
We use it for some of the sidebar projects (e.g. emcee)

See Citrus Moon for more.
posted by seanyboy 06 October | 04:56
Oh, huh. I stopped paying for my typepad account a million moons ago, but it still comes up. I did not know that.

It looks like the links here (pattern gallery on typepad) still work, though these are really only a fraction of all the patterns I made when I was making patterns. If anyone finds that they really want all of them (like... close to 2,000 of them?), I can look for the zip I made for stavrosthewonderchicken.
posted by taz 06 October | 05:10
I love these patterns.
≡ Click to see image ≡
If you run across that zip file, I'd love to have a copy.
posted by DarkForest 06 October | 07:16
Defending the Indefensible Again, British Division. || Best. Mugshot. Ever.