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05 October 2008

Defending the Indefensible Again, British Division. [More:] The band I'm going to talk about has become shorthand in a million internet jokes for 'cheesy seventies hard-rock band.' Usually by people too young to remember the band in the first place. yes, children, I am talking about Foghat. Were they great auteurs and visionaries? No, but they also weren't the dregs they're caricatured as. Hamfisted to be sure, but sometimes (hell, to me most of the time) rock and roll's good that way. This is not meant to be deep and thoughtful, it beer-soaked barroom blooze boogie, and as such, it's pretty good. "Slow Ride" still gets me pounding the bartop, as does "Driving Wheel" and I can never return to NYC without hearing this song in my head. Chuck Berry-derived rock will always have a place in my world. Plus they had a cool logo.
I must admit, my first mental jump from Foghat is Margaret Cho's bit about going to buy drugs and having to socialize with the dealer. "no, i love foghat!"
posted by kellydamnit 05 October | 12:33
The first episode of the Margaret Cho Show is free on Amazon right now. i haven't seen it yet but i am prepared to love it.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 14:41
slight derail here, but has anyone else ever thought Margaret Cho has made her career on essentially releasing the same material every coupla years?

still love her first DVD, though, especially at the end when she raises her arms in farewell and she's soaked through.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 05 October | 15:38
Her material changed pretty drastically from when she started out in stand up to when she started doing one woman shows. i haven't seen anything for a couple years but she evolved. i haven't seen skinny Margaret yet, i don't think.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 16:01
There's a great big rock careering down a musical mountainside,
There's a turgid cacophony emanating from the music business' backside,
When two eyebrows meet,
There's a Goliath on a kids' slide.

So sling a stone to defeat it,
And blast your Uzi at the northern side...

Wear your Foghat with pride,
Wear your Foghat with pride,

With pride!
posted by cillit bang 05 October | 16:55
The late Rod Price was one of the great slide guitar players of all time. What a great sound.
I've actually never heard anyone malign them as 70's cheese...but then again, that's one of my favorite genres, so I would just write it off as ramblings of an ill-informed musical neophyte.
posted by rocket88 06 October | 14:42
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