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25 September 2008

Resolved: Swiss cheese is the tastiest of all "casual sandwich" cheeses. [More:]
Swiss cheese - generic name for several related varieties of cheese, all of which resemble the Swiss Emmental
"casual sandwich" - a quickie sandwich that you can throw together in 2-3 minutes on your way out the door
tastiest - most scrumptious

Contention 1:
Here, take a bite. Fuckin' delicious, right? I rest my case.

Conclusion: You can keep your fancy Bries and Camemberts. Me, I'll opt for Swiss every time. Because I'm not a moron. And that is why Swiss cheese is the tastiest of all "casual sandwich" cheeses.
I have a friend who just moved to Portland OR from Toronto, and he said that back there, he could only get slices of swiss, such as on a sandwich. Moving here and discovering it comes in blocks has caused much happiness in his life.

Swiss cheese is yummy! Except low-sodium Swiss Loraine, which is boring.
posted by Sil 25 September | 14:22
Swiss is good but Cheddar is better. Smoked Gouda is absolutely wonderful.
posted by doctor_negative 25 September | 14:36
If time is of the essence, it is my feeling that a cheese with something mixed in, like a nice smooth dill havarti, or maybe pepper jack, for example, will provide more, what would you call that, time value of flavor.

Um, crap, where'd I leave my notes?
posted by box 25 September | 14:39
Swiss cheese prices, however, are through the roof. Cheddar is cheaper. I agree, however, that Swiss is the superior sandwich cheese, if we're going on taste alone. It also makes an excellent grilled cheese sandwich, yes it does.
posted by mudpuppie 25 September | 14:47
On a semi-related note: if you ever happen upon a PETA rally and they're handing out free cheese samples, keep walking.
posted by Atom Eyes 25 September | 14:57
Swiss is superlative on sandwiches (alliteration unintended). It is, after all, the official cheese for my favorite-sandwich-of-all-times, the Reuben. (If you are not down with the Reub, try swapping a good mustard for the 1000 Island - I have grown to dislike 1000 Eyes and its close relations over the last few years)

The only bad thing about Swiss Cheese is its close association with Ham, which is the one pork product I really really dislike (Prosciutto I can tolerate, anything less, yuk).

In just about any other sandwich combination it fits beautifully (try it with tuna salad, I dare you), but in beef-related sandwiching (including hamburgers), cheddar works just as well in its own way, the sharper the better.

But for solo cheese munching or cracker-topping, the Swiss comes on too strong for me so I prefer a more mild Muenster (again alliteration unintended). If you ever experience Swiss Overload, I recommend the cheese they named that funny sitcom family after.
posted by wendell 25 September | 15:28
Not so much. I consider a slice of havarti the pinnacle of savory goodness for sandwich purposes. Its tang and creamy texture are an excellent foil for any other sandwich stuffing.

While I do like the nuttiness of swiss, it's often on the bland side, with a texture so waxy I fear I accidentally swapped the cheese for the rind.

Swiss is best melted, such as on a Reuben (not a casual sandwich, that Rueben!) or as an onion soup topping.
posted by Stewriffic 25 September | 15:44
Run-of-the-mill swiss does, I think, beat run-of-the-mill cheddar, but given the choice between the absolute best block of either, it's cheddar all the way from me. I'm close to Wisconsin in the new digs, which ain't bad, but MAN do I miss cheese from Vermont!
posted by SpiffyRob 25 September | 16:40
Conclusion: You can keep your fancy Bries and Camemberts.

posted by pompomtom 25 September | 18:37
I have a friend who just moved to Portland OR from Toronto, and he said that back there, he could only get slices of swiss, such as on a sandwich. Moving here and discovering it comes in blocks has caused much happiness in his life.

Of course it comes in blocks in Toronto! Your friend is sheltered and/or has never been to a cheese shop or grocery store. Where did he think they *get* the slices from?

Regarding the central thesis of this post: I believe that a sandwich on whole wheat, with leaf lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, mayo and swiss cheese is one of the most delicious things on earth.

That's it -- going to the market tomorrow.
posted by loiseau 25 September | 19:57
I love Swiss, but it makes my lips tingle. Some food allergy I guess.
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 25 September | 20:11

'nuff said.
posted by Doohickie 25 September | 21:06
There are cheeses that have taken, shots from the other cheeses, and certainly, taking shots from the avocaados, talkin' bout' the holes in the cheese that are proof of having taken shots, but in the end, it's really all about selecting a cheese that can change a sandwich for the better. Swiss cheese is that cheese. Can I give you examples of how? I, um, I'll try to find ya some and bring 'em to ya!
posted by Triode 25 September | 22:07
Triode, my understanding is you should recuse yourself from that cheese.
posted by Miko 25 September | 22:09
Quite seriously, though, why is provolone getting no love here? Provolone has the dry bite of Parmesan, yet the smooth slicey cover of a thin sheet of mozzarella. It is the perfect offset for any of the salted cured meats, does beautifully as the mild outer layer of a smoked-turkey rollup, and yet has an assertive presence that stands up well to veggie sandwiches, such as a roasted-red-pepper-and-portobello-type concoction. It is an excellent utility cheese that lacks the sweet but limiting unctuousness of Swiss.
posted by Miko 25 September | 22:14
You Swiss lovers can pry my provolone and mozzerella out of my cold, dead, cheesy hands.
posted by sperose 26 September | 01:12
All Swiss cheeses are vile, and I am speaking as someone who did the sniff test to see if there was anything she could tolerate in fromageries two months ago. British and Dutch are nowhere to be found.
posted by brujita 26 September | 02:02
Huh? Are we talking about the same cheese? Fuck Swiss in one of it's many convenient holes. It's wretched stuff.
posted by Eideteker 27 September | 08:12
You people probably also use mustard. Degenerates.
posted by Eideteker 27 September | 08:13
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