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25 September 2008

boring musings thread - underwhelm me! [More:] I've developed a cuppa coffee in the afteroon habit. This is new. I wonder how negative the tax penalties would be if after the bailout bounce, I cashed out my old 40(number, letter) plan from the last job, and put a down payment on a second house as a better investment. Probably prohibitive, but I wonder. I am defying dress code because my heels started to hurt and I went to tennis shoes.

I'm actively avoiding work by browsing real estate opportunities in far-flung places. Because my eyes are glued on the monitor, they are stinging. I can hear the therapist and her client through the wall that separates our offices. I've become quite good at tuning it out, unless someone begins to yell. I had two hotdogs for lunch, with kraut, mustard, chili, and onions.
posted by Stewriffic 25 September | 14:11
Half the food in my fridge is probably bad, I know the phrase "when in doubt throw it out" are something to follow, but it's a bit of food and I hate to waste money like that.
posted by hellojed 25 September | 15:01
life with a newborn is kind of boring but weirdly stressful. i have no idea how the mosquito got into our apartment last night, but it bit the hell out of me. i need to drink more water.
posted by gaspode 25 September | 15:07
I'd say that 90% of the food in our freezer is bad, most of it is over a year old. We just never cook or eat at home these days.
posted by octothorpe 25 September | 15:08
I have a craving for fresh mozzarella. Maybe I'll go buy some. I'm angry at my friend who just canceled dinner for the bazillionth time, and even when we do have dinner he's rushed or too tired to have a nice conversation, and I just sit there struggling to think of topics that he might respond to. And yet he keeps initiating these dinners. My choices are to accept him how he is or end the contact. I don't like those choices.
posted by Melismata 25 September | 15:33
I have electrode glop in my hair left over from last night's Sleep Clinic session in which I learned that I probably do not need a CPAP device. Still, in a strange bed in a hospital (but not an adjustable hospital bed, dadnuggit!) with 23 electrodes attached to various parts of my body is not a restful way to sleep. So, instead of going straight home and washing the electrode glop out of my hair, I went straight home and back to sleep. The glop has now dried out to the consistency of Silly Putty. Look! I can make copies of newsprint with my head!
posted by wendell 25 September | 15:35
electrode glop

Don't you hate how hard they scrub your scalp for that stuff? I have to get EEGs from time to time, but when I had a sleep study it was way worse. Especially considering that they GLUE the electrodes to your head. Jeeze.
posted by Stewriffic 25 September | 15:46
wendell, I'm whelmed.
posted by rainbaby 25 September | 18:19
Since freezer stuff has been mentioned, I once cooked a rib roast that I'd had frozen for over two years: it was fine. At work today, I noticed that a very well-dressed woman still had the price tag on the bottom of her stilettos. I started wondering if she's the type that wears stuff and returns it the next day.
posted by redvixen 25 September | 18:22
life with a newborn is kind of boring but weirdly stressful
I remember telling friends that I didn't know it was possible to be so busy and so bored at the same time.
posted by jrossi4r 25 September | 18:37
I never fail to underwhelm!

Why do I think I have problems? I don't. My sister asks, "Did you see the woman on Oprah that had to have her vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, arms and legs removed because she contracted some horrible bacteria shortly after giving birth?" No. I did not see this. I do not have problems. Thank you. Thank you so much for this wonderful life. I am so grateful.

Now I will whine and complain and forget about gratitude. I completely forgot that I had a parent-teacher conference this afternoon. I went to a parent-teacher conference yesterday for the little kid. I had an appointment today for the big kid and I totally missed it. I don't have an excuse. It was marked on the calendar. I knew about it for a week and conveniently forgot today. I just plain forgot. I realized I missed it 45 minutes after my appointment time. I think I forgot because I worked very early this morning and my head was foggy by afternoon. Brilliant! Way to go! I emailed the teacher and apologized. I was crying to my sister that I am an idiot airhead for forgetting. She laughed. (She laughed in a supportive way.) My kids were outside playing basketball in the driveway and I was melting down a little because I missed the appointment and I feel overwhelmed for some reason. My husband asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?" I replied, "Put a bullet in my brain." Haha! So funny! NOT.
Then my husband said some very nice things to me about doing a great job. Then I cried and felt so much better. We're all very mentally stable here. Ha.
posted by LoriFLA 25 September | 18:56
Oxygen is pretty swell.
posted by jonmc 25 September | 19:11
Tonight I went to buy toilet paper at the little grocery store down the street -- I was down to takeout napkins. They keep the TP on top of the milk fridges and I couldn't reach, so I stepped on the edge of the fridge to get a boost.

Well sure I could reach the TP, but I also managed to pull down an entire box of it, which scattered all throughout the dairy section.

It was pretty embarrassing.
posted by loiseau 25 September | 20:34
I agree with jonmc about oxygen. (That's my quota for agreeing with him for the week) Even though I wasn't having real apnea, my blood ox was dropping so the sleep clinic tech hooked me up with a little O2 in my nose (the 24th thing hooked up to me) that made the last 3 hours of the overnight much more comfortable. Don't know what it means. If I end up needing to carry an oxygen tank with me to attend Meetups then I will only attend Meetups where at least one other person there is someone I think deserves to be hit with an oxygen tank. (Don't worry jon, I'm staying on THIS coast) Because if I have to be a cranky old man, I'm gonna enjoy being a cranky old man.
posted by wendell 25 September | 22:27
SHOUTING THREAD! || Resolved: Swiss cheese is the tastiest of all "casual sandwich" cheeses.