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22 September 2008

Happy autumnal equinox!
posted by seanyboy 22 September | 11:57
Happy equinox, wherever you may be, whether you are having an autumnal one or a vernal one, like me!
posted by goshling 22 September | 12:07
Actually, I've always hated autumn, but I'm hopeful that this one will be better.
posted by small_ruminant 22 September | 12:28
Wait a minute. Summer's over? How will I tell the difference? Wendelland had hardly two weeks of hot days spread over the last three months! Highs in the 70s (fahrenheit), lows in the 50s; consistently pleasant but quite lacking in drama. That three day period when it was hotter in Avila Beach (105) than in Van Nuys - that was something! And this year's rainy season didn't go beyond 'moist' (all the local vineyards may end up making raisin wine if this keeps up). I understand better than most people that the oncoming Climate Change won't be a "Global Warming", but the weather in L.A. was boring enough; how'd I end up moving to an area Changing to NO Climate?

How many of you people recovering from hurricanes are now totally hating the Wendell?
posted by wendell 22 September | 12:52
Thanks, you too!

posted by Miko 22 September | 13:07
I'm super-bummed out for a number of reasons today, another wasted summer being one. I only went swimming once, didn't do any of the things I wanted to.
This helped a little.
posted by Hellbient 22 September | 13:26
I love autumn. Cool weather, changing leaves, apple cider, pumpkins and Halloween, Thanksgiving...

The saddest thing I've ever seen were Christmas trees in a parking lot in Miami in 80 degree heat, molting like fake fur. I'm happy to have the seasons back.
posted by Pips 22 September | 17:27
Happy autumn and spring! Mmm, pumpkin.
posted by goo 22 September | 17:32
The saddest thing I've ever seen were Christmas trees in a parking lot in Miami in 80 degree heat, molting like fake fur

Heh. Christmas in Australia.
posted by goo 22 September | 17:34
Would it be inappropriate to make a pumpkin pie for dinner tonight? Autumn is my favorite season, even when the weather is still decidedly summer-ish.
posted by muddgirl 22 September | 17:37
(confidential to wendell: Oddly enough, the two days following Hurricane Ike were the most pleasant of the whole summer - mid 70s, low humidity, beautiful cloud formations...)
posted by muddgirl 22 September | 17:39
I love autumn, too. Absolutely love it.
posted by chewatadistance 22 September | 18:47
Warm pumpkin pie and french vanilla ice cream with a hot cup of dark roast coffee. I LOVE autumn.
posted by MonkeyButter 22 September | 18:52
i love autumn.
Crunchy, brisk, fire, jackets, boots, cuddling, blankets, long dark nights and questionable promise.
For me it is optimism.
posted by ethylene 22 September | 19:06
Sorry, I can't stand it. Except for the part where all the bugs piss off for a few months.
posted by trondant 22 September | 23:03
My favorite season. And the equinox is a true holiday for me; a cascade of little blessings. Number one today: apple cider!
posted by Riverine 23 September | 00:27
Thank you! I'm happy. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm, today the weather is too perfect... crystal clear and crisp (we're having a bit of a cool snap). Glorious. I'm alive again!
posted by taz 23 September | 01:14
Thanks! I'm an autumn lover, too. This whole time of year, from back to school right through New Years is my favorite. Chilly nights, layers of clothes, hot chocolate with marshmallows, the colors of the leaves. Ahhhh..
posted by redvixen 23 September | 15:01
yay! I finally remembered my [warning nerdy] question for AskMeCha! || charitable awkwardness