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22 September 2008

Goddamn! Only One-Half Of My Nose Is Running! [More:]

I'm sitting here at the library, looking for work, and exactly one-half of my nose is running (right half). I keep pawing at the offending nostril like a hobo, and getting up for more Kleenex.

I want to be respected at this library, and not have other patrons see me as a louche bastard off the streets who can't control his holes.

Please invent the best possible cure for this uninostrilar malady.
Wow, my left nostril is running. Maybe they'll run into eachother and make one symettricaly snotty schnozz.
posted by jonmc 22 September | 10:54
Go football-injury style and just stick a tampon up there. People will think you're tough.
posted by rmless2 22 September | 11:26
And take photos. You may look marginally less tough taking a photo of yourself with a tampon up your nose, but never mind. Do it for us, the viewing audience.
posted by taz 22 September | 11:32
My dad, who has really bad allergies, would actually craft a nose tampon out of tissues and jam it up there - it still needs changing, but less often.

Also, try tilting your head to the other side for awhile - your right nostril will keep running, but at least the left one will get some lubricating action.
posted by muddgirl 22 September | 11:41
I'm a mouthbreather today. The whole weekend actually.

Damn co-worker's cold.
posted by divka 22 September | 11:59
I'm already completely terrified of this thread. All this talk of mouthbreathing and tampons and "lubricating action."

Not to mention the idea of doing anything "football-injury style."

posted by Lipstick Thespian 22 September | 12:11
Sucks, yo. I have this thing called vasomotor rhinitis, which in short means my nose runs all the friggin' time. Like, while eating, after changes in temperature, when awake, when sleeping, all the time. And I look like a coke addict 'cause I'm always sniffling and holding a hanky. Sometimes one nostril, sometimes both.

My only advice is to get into hankies as opposed to tissues -- hurts the nose less long-term.

Also, on the weird-aberration front? When I blow my nose, air comes out my left eye. I KID THEE NOT. Revolting.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 12:28
Oh, also: before I got into hankies... with my constant sniffles, sometimes I just stuffed a tissue into my nostril and left it there. Hey, saved a lot of hand-to-nose work. Think about it.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 12:29
You people and your nostril talk caused me to impulsively go for my neti pot--
Never rush a saline sinus flooding. Now my eye and ear holes feel all messed up and i've somehow salted my brain pockets.
posted by ethylene 22 September | 18:11
Oh No! I've Somehow Salted My Brain Pockets! should be the name of one of those terrible kids' books, where the substitute teacher turns out to be an alien made of green goo.
posted by unsurprising 22 September | 18:44
When I blow my nose, air comes out my left eye.
Geez, the best I can do is blow out my right ear. NOw I don't feel so odd.
posted by MonkeyButter 22 September | 18:57
It is a seriously gross feeling. I find it really upsetting. It's only started in the last year or so... mysterious.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 19:22
It's no big deal. It's how kids shoot milk out their eyes.
It shouldn't be a problem.
As a life long sinus veteran who could clear out my head with a comic blast that killed in middle school (and possibly changed my life forever), don't worry. It helps to get to know your head tubes and be able to unblock your ears.
posted by ethylene 22 September | 19:31
When I blow my nose, air comes out my left eye.

Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. Your tear ducts empty into your throat, I think. So air can sometimes go back the other way.

When I was a kid, I could force air through the pallet above the tongue into my nose. A weird feeling.
posted by DarkForest 22 September | 20:29
posted by loiseau 22 September | 20:33

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Has anyone had the whites of their eyes fill with clear fluid because of allergies? That scared the shit out of me.
posted by Stewriffic 22 September | 22:00
Ew, no. You mean your eye looked completely white, with no pupil?!

Man. Eyes are seriously gross.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 22:42
Project Runway Australia (probably basically one giant spoiler) || yay! I finally remembered my [warning nerdy] question for AskMeCha!