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21 September 2008

Whaddasunday! Here I am, in the sanctum sanctorum macanudium, hacking in an epistle while Mr. MC and the incomparable Pips watch M*A*S*H, after an afternoon of porch-sitting and -sipping and an evening punctuated by a delightful phone conversation with BOP and elizard (what a treat!).[More:]

Uh, that's all, really. Hi everybody, hope you're having a great evening/midnight/morning/noon/afternoon, etc. Sounds like Hawkeye and BJ are explaining why they drink to Frank and Margaret. I bet it's funny. BJ is a funny name.

"You're missing a good episode, man," jonmc shouts from the other room.

Here I come!
BOP said that I should take dexedrine.
posted by jonmc 21 September | 20:43
M*A*S*H is still unrivalled for consistently best show ever on TV, in my book.
posted by Miko 21 September | 21:10
BJ Honeycutt

Sure to be some sex act somewhere.
posted by ethylene 21 September | 21:13
Hi Boys and girls, sorry I've missed you recently. I've been having a month. My love to you all.
posted by Divine_Wino 21 September | 21:26
DW! This has been quite a night, indeed. Always a pleasure having the delightful Mr. HJ over...

And perhaps elizard and BOP will take a bite outta the big apple soon. It was great hearing from y'all! (You know, BOP, you don't have to watch EVERY game. ; )

My ever-lovin' is snoring away next to me while I finish printing yet another quiz for my little darlings.

Goodness gracious, I need to lie down.
posted by Pips 21 September | 21:39
Never watched much Mash, because I assumed it would always be on for the rest of my life, so I should watch something more ephemeral while I have the chance. That, and Alan Alda is just too smarmy for me.
posted by StickyCarpet 22 September | 07:59
Sticky, in the first seasons before they turned Hawkeye into a saint, he was far more appealing and much funnier. Larry Gelbart, the main writer, came out of the Your Show Of Shows team that also produced mel Brooks and the similarities are there. Plus a few episodes are sheer comic genius, like 'Tuttle,' and 'Henry, Won't You Please Come Home' and all the Col. Flagg ones.
posted by jonmc 22 September | 08:15
Ok. jon I'll take your word for it. Tuttle is season 1 episode 15, Flagg shows up in seasons 2 and 4, can't find Henry though.
posted by StickyCarpet 22 September | 09:52
I think that's the title. It's the one where Col. Blake is briefly transferred to Tokyo. There's a few moments of sublimely hilarious weirdness in the geisha house scenes.
posted by jonmc 22 September | 10:01
I did NOT say that anyone should take dexedrine.

OK, I might have. I was pretty drunk.
posted by BitterOldPunk 22 September | 13:03
Dexateens! Dexateens!

It was great to talk to all of you, too!

Yay, MASH!

(As you can see, my hangover has faded and the keyboard doesn't hurt me anymore.)
posted by elizard 23 September | 08:00
Apparently you can watch NFL games online? || I GOT THE POWER!