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21 September 2008

I GOT THE POWER! [More:]At I+9 days, power has been restored to Casa WolfDaddy. Please to enjoy this video in celebration!

also whatever happened when the power came on caused my cats to spray everywhere, so I get to celebrate by cleaning! Yay!
Happy Post-Ike Power Day!

My brother celebrated his power day by watching ungodly amounts of TV. May you be as overjoyed as he was.
posted by oreonax 21 September | 20:46
Run the blender just for kicks and break out the strobe.
posted by ethylene 21 September | 21:04
I'm actually gorging on 9 days worth of LOLcats. And I can't believe I actually admitted that.
posted by WolfDaddy 21 September | 22:51
(as I already twittered) Welcome back to the 21st Century. I'm sorry to say things are not any better since you left.
posted by wendell 21 September | 23:04
whatever happened when the power came on caused my cats to spray everywhere

bizarre? I'd love to know what's up with this.

Congrats, WolfDaddy. I often think about our infrastructure in first/second-world countries, and how terribly fragile it all really is. For example, I have a sort of recurring rumination about water as I'm washing dishes or bathing... about all the people who've never had indoor plumbing, who've had to fetch water for all the necessities, etc., and how easily it could all be broken... Sounds pretty depressing, but mostly I'm just grateful for my luck.
posted by taz 22 September | 03:51
Welcome back, Wolfdaddy.
posted by goshling 22 September | 04:04
taz, I think that after a week+ without the typical hums and whirs of appliances, fans, etc. the sudden return of these noises freaked the cats out. Or perhaps since I had the windows open the noise of the trucks freaked them out. Who knows?

I, too, have had many thoughts about the things we take for granted in "civilized" society. This is the second hurricane I've been through in three years (which reminds me, I now get to modify this tattoo to reflect that fact, any ideas on how it should be enhanced??), both times during which I was without electricity for at least a week. And this time I didn't have running water either.

There's no way I could time travel back to the past and blend in. I'm a creature of my environment. However, I try to take these things a little less for granted and try to feel a little more thankful now than I did before.
posted by WolfDaddy 22 September | 09:10
My idea for updating your tattoo: on the left side, another outline of the leading edge, outside the first, suggesting a stack. The benefit is that this mod is scalable should you live through additional hurricanes.
posted by Meatbomb 22 September | 11:37
Whaddasunday! || Gangster bunnies