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21 September 2008

Whatcha doin'? [More:]
I am simultaneously*:
ripping out tomatoes and marigolds
roasting peppers to freeze
cleaning the kitchen
figuring out what I have to get together for a big work event tomorrow.

*with that I mean flitting about from task to task rather than actually finish one.
I'm at work, waiting for my shift to be over because I kinda sorta got caught last week for skipping out early. I've got Roswell on Hulu and I'm about to get started on my chapter reading for class this week to pass the time.
posted by sperose 21 September | 12:30
Watching football, hanging out with the cat, finishing my tea, and lounging in my bathrobe.
posted by occhiblu 21 September | 12:36
It's almost 3am. Squigs is wrapped to my front and finally back to asleep.

So I am working because I'm too cranky to go back to sleep myself.
posted by gomichild 21 September | 12:49
Listening to Bob Edwards Weekend on NPR, drinking a cherry Coke Zero, waiting for partner's laundry to finish so I can start mine, and procrastinating about cleaning out the cats' litter boxes.
posted by BoringPostcards 21 September | 12:55

I finished a salad 30 seconds ago.

I'm watching "Amazing Wedding Cakes" on cable.

I was listening to a new-agey podcast. I like it a lot, except for all of the sponsor breaks to advertise meditation chairs.

I have pattern pieces set out to cut. I'm stalling. I'm paralyzed. I will force myself to cut now.
posted by LoriFLA 21 September | 12:58
Chewing gum. I have no idea why I started chewing gum right before eating lunch. I really wasn't thinking.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 September | 13:00
Watching crap on TV, doing the washing, waiting for the par-boiled kale to cool before I put it in the freezer, and thinking about mushroom risotto for dinner but I only have red wine, so that'll have to do.
posted by goo 21 September | 13:10
Wafflin'. Kinda hungry but kinda don't want anything we have even though we just went grocery shopping and bought out the whole damned store though we forgot English muffins so now I can't make the eggs benny I've been thinking about since I got up. Which is okay 'cause it's a lot of work. We have lots of yummy leftovers (roast chicken & stuffing, fried fish in cornmeal crust), so I've just declared today "fend for yourselves, y'all" day.

Also laundry. And reading. And feeling guilty about hanging out in the basement even though the sun's out because it rained on me earlier so I got my mind set in 'stay indoors mode' and now that's the way it is.
posted by elizard 21 September | 13:13
Talkin' to my bro on Skype.
posted by AwkwardPause 21 September | 13:41
watching football and eating bbq
posted by gaspode 21 September | 13:47
And now, I believe I shall have a delicious cocktail: vodka, selzer, oj ('cause juice is good for you!).
posted by elizard 21 September | 13:49
Now I'm trying to connect a projector to my computer, and I can't. Time for AskMe!
posted by Stewriffic 21 September | 15:01
I just got back from a local flea market. I love looking through other people's junk/treasures. Got myself a collection of short stories by John Cheever for only .99 cents. It's a gorgeous day outside - now we're starting to think of dinner...
posted by redvixen 21 September | 15:40
I am back home from a weekend road trip to Chicago. My brother is attending the U of C and we sent him off. It was emotional at times, with a soundtrack by the Pixies (of which I had stuck in my head for most of the weekend).
posted by hellojed 21 September | 15:58
I've been trying to help Stewriffic on askme, but I HAZ FAILED. Now making beef stew for dinner.
posted by DarkForest 21 September | 17:21
But, but, DarkForest, you did SO MUCH! You HAZ NOT FAILED in friendship and attempt! It's just that I have a bizarre projector from sometime between 2002 and 2004.

I bet you're right about the mini-dvi/M1-A cable incompatibility. Argh.

(I made sausage/peppers/pasta for dinner)
posted by Stewriffic 21 September | 17:53
Watching the Steelers totally suck against the Eagles. Blegh.
posted by octothorpe 21 September | 18:13
I just got home from a nice walk with my friend. I helped her pick out a travel bag for her doggie. I also got a bathing suit for myself (of course now I find the elusive not-heinous one-piece now that summer is so over), and a pretty pink and black shirt for my friend for her 30th birthday this week.

Now I am thinking about what to make for dinner- Use up the couscous in the pantry? Peanut sesame noodles? Both?

But really I am just sitting and stomach-aching and worrying about things like: my other friend who had to put her dog down today because it attacked someone, about how birthday girl's crush hit on me instead of her last night (don't worry I turned him down and haven't told her), and about how to talk to my newish roommate about some problems I've been having with her (but she's not home now and probably will come back with her bf when she does).
posted by rmless2 21 September | 18:33
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