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20 September 2008

What are your current food obsessions? [More:]I've been eating a lot of cheese lately. My love affair with cheddar cheese, what else is new. Whaddya got?
MMM cheddar cheese. So good with a nice cracker or veg. I love it sharp.

I'm currently obsessing on broiled asparagus. Little olive oil, light salt and pepper, broil for a short time and eat them like candy. They're so good and they make my stomach smile.
posted by MonkeyButter 20 September | 23:09
oatmeal raisin cookies
posted by netbros 20 September | 23:20
Pastels de nata.
Pastels de nata.
Pastels de nata.

Obsessed with finding the best in Montreal.

Thank you, our Portuguese friends!
posted by loiseau 20 September | 23:53
Wasabi. Not sushi, though I do love sushi. It's the wasabi that makes me, um, yeah. Wasabi.

Wasabi sushi, wasabi peas, wasabi by itself making my eyes water and my sinuses clear. That's my current obsession.
posted by treepour 21 September | 00:18
Butter. It always comes back to butter. Small batch, fresh churned, extra rich, farmer's market butter when I can get it. Kerrygold if I can't. Or Challenge European Style or whatever they call that high fat version.

posted by small_ruminant 21 September | 00:34
Pancakes, just a little darker than golden brown, with butter and maple syrup.
posted by Ardiril 21 September | 00:39
Can you score the real stuff treepour? We had some really nice looking roots in the supermarket the other day - very tempting...

In a similar vein I have actual been a bit obsessed with trying to perfect maki (sushi rolls) - they taste good but I need to work more on presentation.

≡ Click to see image ≡

Also I'm going to be making gyoza for dinner tonight:

≡ Click to see image ≡

Didn't take too much work to get these looking OK - I was surprised.
posted by gomichild 21 September | 02:32
Oh, speaking of cheese, and if you like the old sharp kind of cheddar, we've been addicted to Dubliner for a few years now. So great.
Kind of a bit of a smokey aftertaste...on some fresh baguette...awesome.
posted by chococat 21 September | 02:55
I'm passionate about Haloumi cheese this week.

Am also making some red-wine mustard, so hopefully it turns out good, if so I'll let you all know.

Hmm... This is making me hungry - I'm off to the supermarket!
posted by jonathanstrange 21 September | 03:29
My current food obsession is salad with red onion, cucumber, grape tomatoes (sliced in two, or even quartered), a little feta cheese, whole wheat croutons, fresh cracked pepper, and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. I've had this salad for lunch (with a boiled egg) and as a side at dinner almost every day this week. It's nothing special, I have salad often, but I am currently obsessed with this salad.
posted by LoriFLA 21 September | 08:14
Roasted green chiles on everything! Cheese, beef, beans. all wrapped in a fresh tortilla.
posted by lysdexic 21 September | 08:27
I can't stop stuffing my face with cereal. Kashi GoLean Crunch. Sometimes mixed with plain yogurt and a bit of marmalade.
posted by HotPatatta 21 September | 09:03
LoriFLA, sliced cherry tomatoes always taste better. (Also, I think that's the secret to being able to charge $9 for a tiny salad at Chez Panisse.)
posted by small_ruminant 21 September | 10:43
gomichild: homemade gyoza? Really? *looks at picture, wipes drool off of keyboard*

loiseau: ooooh! Portuguese custard tarts! My gods, I love those, too.

I'm currently experimenting with making bread. Mmmmmm, fresh, home-made bread. So far it's been pretty good, but not as light as I'd like. I may do some intarweb research on that today. Also, I found some good tomatoes the other day (I wasn't sure, but then I cut into one and smelled...can it be? Yes! Tomato!) and made the extra-old cheddar and tomato sandwich of the gods. I'm hoping that the ones we bought on Friday are as good.
posted by elizard 21 September | 10:44
Frosted Flakes. I don't know what it is with me lately, but I've been really craving Frosted Flakes ALL THE DAMN TIME.
posted by sperose 21 September | 11:06

I keed, I keed.
posted by essexjan 21 September | 11:26
Ha! Mine has also been cheese - extra mature cheddar on crackers, and I've ordered a blue-veined brie (coming Tuesday) that I'm already dreaming about.

I've also had masses of plums lately, so stewed plums with a creamy Polish cottage cheese. Mmmm.
posted by goo 21 September | 11:42
Goat cheese for me- on a sandwich with baby spinach and balsamic and red onions, in an omelet with scallions, or just off the knife.
posted by rmless2 21 September | 11:49
You no need, essexjan! I can see you in my mind's eye, passed out on the bed with a big empty Doritos bag crumpled up next to you!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 September | 13:33
...a blissed-out, powdery orange smile on your face.
posted by elizard 21 September | 13:46
posted by meeshell 21 September | 16:17
Food. *siiigh*
posted by rainbaby 21 September | 17:47
Hummus. Preferrably with extra garlic. I've eaten some every damn day this summer. Sometimes I even have it for breakfast. I'm sure I smell GREAT.
posted by jrossi4r 21 September | 18:11
About the question that got deleted in my AskMe thread: || What is your favorite color????