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20 September 2008

What is your favorite color???? [More:]

This is a more complicated question than you realize, and I am not looking for a broad-strokes answer. Moreso, I would really like to know which color speaks to you most. Which color describes you most? Which color is most YOU????

For example, "Blue" is would not be an acceptable answer. "Blue with an emotional tinge of receding red" would be okay.
I think maybe a really rosy wine colour would be me. Not outspoken, but quietly pleasant, and secretly passionate. Kinda like this: #990033.
posted by loiseau 20 September | 23:48
sunblasting orange...the kind of orange that makes you sleepy and full and lulls you to sleep on the couch for hours.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 20 September | 23:52
My "favorite" color is pink, natch. Not too neon, not too pastel (I think my MeFi profile at #FF66CC is a little too pastel, though I can't change it, of course), not too purple. #FF00CC or #FFCC33 is probably about right.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 September | 00:01
What color am I? Or what color would I like to be?

I am very dull colors- redwood brown, fog grey, dusty sun faded gold, ocean grey-green. Northwest nature colors.

The colors I covet are Russian peasant house window frame bright. Maybe even middle eastern tile bright.

posted by small_ruminant 21 September | 00:13
Indigo. Not sure the word needs more elaboration, but I guess it's kinda like the color of the sky after the sun's gone down and just before the stars come out.
posted by treepour 21 September | 00:14
Royally arrogant purple, with a tinge of self-aware mauve-y humility and a fair amount of stable-and-oblivious peacock blue.

And maybe some goofy-but-lovable red mixed in. And shiny ground-glass edgy sparkly bits. Those are good.
posted by occhiblu 21 September | 00:30
Black and all jewel tones, especially green.
posted by brujita 21 September | 00:38
Green like money.
posted by mullacc 21 September | 00:43
Oh yeah, oh wow, you rule, occhiblu!
posted by treepour 21 September | 01:59
I would say it's equal between green and purple. Most shades of green, unless they're too yellow, and all shades of purple, including pale lavender through to dark, rich royal purple.
posted by essexjan 21 September | 02:19
Well, not dark forest, that's for sure.

When I dream of painting, I often dream of reds, deep and bold.
posted by DarkForest 21 September | 06:08
Terra cotta. Natural, approachable and WYSIWYG.
posted by chewatadistance 21 September | 07:19
I love blues, purples, and greens. And pink. This is hard but I'll narrow it down. I literally like all shades of blue.

My favorite blue-green hue is turquoise. I *love* raspberry pink. I would paint my walls in this color. Orchid is my favorite shade of purple-y. My favorite colors are vibrant and rich. I don't like anything muddy or too pastel.

If I had to give just one favorite it would have to be turquoise.
posted by LoriFLA 21 September | 08:08
posted by bunnyfire 21 September | 09:15
Aqua blue, the color of the water in the Keys. #66CCCC
posted by BoringPostcards 21 September | 09:17
Lucid Confusion. The color of midnight.
posted by netbros 21 September | 10:32
posted by StickyCarpet 21 September | 10:59
A nice soothing dark gray.
posted by sperose 21 September | 11:12
Dark reds (rust, claret, burgundy) and regal purple. I also love brown, in all its shades.

Anyone ever have colour analysis? My mum was a 'Color Me Beautiful' consultant through the 80s, and people would come over and she'd hold swatches up to their face and work out if they were spring, summer, autumn or winter and develop an optimal colour palette for clothes, hair and makeup. It was kinda fun. I'm an autumn.
posted by goo 21 September | 11:25
Traffic Green. The color of street signs and the newer technology "go" lights. (Eastern US) Spelling that out, it sounds a bit pretentious, but street sign green really is my favorite color
posted by rainbaby 21 September | 11:38
I am so tired of people asking this misleading question and pretending to come to scientific conclusions from it, and other people actually believing them. People should ask, "What is your favorite shade", not "What is your favorite color". I always thought, when they asked George Washington what his 3 favorite colors were and he said red, white and blue, when they put it on the flag he thought "Not THAT shade of red! And I meant SKY blue!!!"
posted by serena 21 September | 11:40
Sort of sea-foam green, a very light pale green. I'm also really partial to turquoise and rose.

But another good response to this question is "for what?" There are good favorite colors for houses, for art, for clothes, for your stuff, and they can vary.
posted by Miko 21 September | 12:34
Miko, I am anti-yellow execpt for house paint - interior or exterior. For that I am firmly pro-yellow.
posted by rainbaby 21 September | 14:07
My kitchen cabinets are painted Japanese Maple. It's a reddish purplish brown. Or maybe a brownish purplish red. Hard to say. Definitely not a brownish reddish purple, though. But it's lovely.
posted by jrossi4r 21 September | 18:16
aqua and electric blue

webs of light in swimming pool water and reflected off sea water . Sun dappled light through leaves. The summer shadowplay on a porch in the tropics.
posted by nickyskye 21 September | 20:25
Morpho butterfly wings. Ooh!
posted by nickyskye 21 September | 20:26
What are your current food obsessions? || not understanding the point of