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20 September 2008

not understanding the point of [More:]
Smaller selection, prices are still in USD, and duty still applies since they're shipped from the US anyway... plus none of the famous free shipping everyone's always creaming over. So really, what's the point?

I guess this would be an online shopping rant, if anyone's interested in joining, particularly Canadians.

Factoid: I once bought a pair of shoes online from REI and they very thoughtfully and quite illegally marked them as "gift" on the customs form. I found that surprising, but for once in my online-shopping history, it was a pleasant surprise.

This is what I'm getting [in herringbone], once I ascertain if buying them online will actually save me any money. It's a great price but shipping is $27 and if customs is arsed to do their thing (they don't always, it seems) it'll have been cheaper to buy them locally for $100 at MEC.

I totally agree! I've heard very good things about and sure enough, drooled over the amazing shoes there. I tried to buy a purse, but got sent to the Canadian version.

They didn't have the purse at the Canadian site. Why couldn't I order it through the US one?

Smaller selection, prices are still in USD, and duty still applies since they're shipped from the US anyway... plus none of the famous free shipping everyone's always creaming over. So really, what's the point?

No point. Bad Zappos! (And oh, I pine for the shoes I'll never buy...)
posted by Savannah 21 September | 01:06
There are sometimes good alternatives, but it seems often when I'm looking for something very specific -- a particular model -- I'm digging through a zillion Google results to find the best combination of price and shipping fees and considering potential tax and duty until all the fun of purchasing is gone.

Here's a rad Canadian shoe store. They can be expensive but have great sales sometimes.
posted by loiseau 21 September | 04:08
How do people buy shoes online? I am so fussy I need to wear the shoes in the store for at least 15 minutes before I plunk down my cash. Do people know what style/fit they are looking for before going online?
posted by typewriter 21 September | 10:36
typewriter, I buy the same shoe over and over, usually from ebay, since they're out of production.

Also, a lot of places let you ship back to them for free, so if you hate it you just send it back.

I bought ski boots from the REI Outlet online and when I picked up the first pair at the store (which is how REI works, if you want free shipping) I asked the best way to get an off-season fitting. The guy's response was that I should just order a LOT of pairs and send back the ones I didn't like.
posted by small_ruminant 21 September | 10:40
I hate shopping online from Canada, too, for the very reasons you mentioned, especially since I'm a master procrastinator and it would likely take me forever to get my crap together to go to the post office & return stuff. Not knowing what fantastic sum Canada Customs is going to tack on to the cost does kinda take the shine off of the thing. It's a good thing I didn't know Gravity Pope had an online store, or I'd have been in serious trouble, though I am a bit leery of buying shoes online in general and they are pretty pricey. Fluevog is another great Canadian shoe store, and they carry large sizes, bless 'em.
posted by elizard 21 September | 11:03
small_ruminant, ah I see. Though like elizard I would be the lazy ass that couldn't get to the post office and the shoes would collect dust.
posted by typewriter 21 September | 12:02
Much the same way there's rarely free shipping in Canada I've never seen free returns offered here. Maybe I am shopping from the wrong places!

I guess the reason I can buy shoes online is that I know what I like. I can't imagine my size fluctuating to a degree that would make the shoes not fit, and I read the reviews people submit about how the fit of that particular shoe was for them.
posted by loiseau 21 September | 21:01
Oh, about Gravity Pope: their sale section is usually pretty fantastic. I have a friend who got cute Camper flats for $29.99 there. A lot of their stuff, though originally expensive, is marked way off, like half-price.
posted by loiseau 21 September | 21:04
Campers for $29.99???!!!!
posted by typewriter 22 September | 00:41
SRSLY! Happened. The only reason I didn't take them was because they didn't have my size.

When I go to their site I beeline for the Sale section. They have high-top Chuck Taylors there right now for $19.99.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 10:22
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