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17 September 2008

This is a whimpering thread. C'mon aspirin, start working now, any time you're ready...[More:]Got a canker sore on my tongue, which means sheer agony when I accidentally let the chewed pizza wander over to that side of the mouth.

AND, I wrenched my back, which seems more frequent as I get older. Now I can't sit at my desk comfortably at all, getting up and down is torture, I'm hobbling around all hunched over.

I could deal with one of these things, but not both at the same time. As soon as I'm done wincing from my back, my tongue flares up. I want to go home and lie down, but that hurts too.


Maybe try swishing some saltwater around your in your mouth a few times a day to get that thing to heal up faster? (PS: I am not a Bunny Tongue Doctor; I am not your Bunny Tongue Doctor, and whatever else they say about that I-am-not stuff.)

The back? If I could help you with that... well, I would be rich, wouldn't I? And too busy buying up US banks to hang out on Metachat, right? Seriously? Total sympathy; I've been well for a while, but I've had bad, bad, unexplained back stuff, and my husband has explained-but-still-elusive back thing. Back pain is bad. I hug you.
posted by taz 17 September | 09:20
Last week I bit the inside of my cheek and it swelled up and turned into the sore from Hell for 3 or 4 days. Thankfully, it's now abated. For canker sores, I try to keep my mouth super clean, brushing ASAP after eating and using some mouthwash once or twice a day. I know canker sore treatments are somewhat controversial, but this is the one I believe in. I've also used gly-oxide to some success.

Whimpering? I have a headache, probably caffeine-related. I can't seem to leave the high glycemic index foods alone. A tree fell smack-dab on my horse shed in a wind storm the other day. It's still standing, but the roof is split rather dramatically. I only used it for storage. These are all very small concerns, and not to be taken at all seriously.
posted by DarkForest 17 September | 09:36
I agree with taz about the swishing with salt water thing. Use warm water for extra soothing effect.
posted by Atom Eyes 17 September | 11:08
i'm back at work because I thought I was better but i'm not and i have to train 10 teenagers in an hour but they always get here early and I love them but I have no voice and i'm tired oh so tired and I wonder if i have a fever again even though i didn't when I got up this morning omg so tired and i have to be 'on' tomorrow for a big fundraiser and did i mention i have no voice i have no voice and oh my head and the side of my neck hurts and my mouth tastes foul no matter how much i drink and brush my teeth and my head hurts now too
posted by Stewriffic 17 September | 14:38
posted by Stewriffic 17 September | 14:39
And the aspirin didn't do a thing.

So, 4 hours later, I took ibuprofen, and now I can get up from my chair without screaming. And lunch is over, so no more pizza in the mouth. Still wish it would go away tho.

posted by Melismata 17 September | 15:21

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. This means my right hand is alternately extremely painful, totally numb or really-bad-pins-and-needles-tingly. Sometimes I also lose all movement, can't grip etc. It really isn't that bad in itself (although bloody annoying), but it wakes me up - I haven't had more than two hours' sleep at a time for a couple of weeks and this makes me all sooky. I've been trying to work with it as well, and that makes me even sookier, but now I have five days' off so I'm going to give in to my body and sleep whenever I need to and just do as much of nothing as possible.

My boyfriend is telling me to 'think it away, use the power of your mind' which is very woo for him, but I think he's just sick of me whinging. Hell, I'm sick of me whinging. But if it goes on for much longer I'm going to have to look into alternatives because it feels like half of me is broken.

You don't realise how bloody essential your hands are (esp. the dominant one) until all of a sudden they stop working.

*whimper whimper snorgle*

Oh, and - take a a break from the keyboard and mouse every hour! do wrist exercises! don't sleep on your hands! and don't ignore pins and needles in your hands if they happen frequently! Trust me.
posted by goo 18 September | 06:47
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