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16 September 2008

What are you waiting for? [More:]I'm waiting to run out of the sucky generic face wash, so I can buy the brand name stuff again (the two dollars I saved were SO not worth it!).
I'm waiting to make a 15-minute presentation to a roomful of journalists from other countries this afternoon, and my stomach's in such a knot I don't know if I can eat lunch.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 September | 11:13
A friend to bring me soup, DVDs and Dunkin' Donuts.

You're supposed to feed a fever, right?
posted by Stewriffic 16 September | 11:14
The Bank. Approve the sell and give us the damn house already!
posted by Hellbient 16 September | 11:15
I'm waiting for the tea to steep...and it's done. Now I'm waiting for it to cool down a bit.
posted by Daniel Charms 16 September | 11:18
I'm waiting for my boss to leave so I can take my lunch. (There's only 4 of us in the entire department, so we stagger our eating times.)
I'm also waiting to see if I can get some kind of brain flash that will magically give me the answer to how the hell these reports are generated (considering I've never really worked with said program but I've found all the technical documentation in the world regarding it--it's not going to happen any time soon.)
posted by sperose 16 September | 11:39
Waiting for the university and the medical center to send me polite, encouraging notes wishing me the very best of luck in my job search... elsewhere.

Slightly better, waiting for my curry base to reduce sufficiently so it'll be ready for me to make delicious chickens with it.

And best, waiting for next weekend so I can see my big sister and the best nephew in the entire world when they come up to visit. I'm learning a new song just for him- he's nine months old and my biggest fan.
posted by notquitemaryann 16 September | 11:51
Waiting for six o'clock so I can stop work and go and start making dinner, and waiting for mr alto to come back from work with some beer.
posted by altolinguistic 16 September | 11:56
Oh, and I'm waiting for tonight when I have my monthly McDonalds. Mmmmmmm, french fries.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 September | 11:59
I'm waiting for my man. Fucking guy, every time it's "yeah, I am working on it".
posted by Meatbomb 16 September | 12:14
Ha, TPS- I was waiting a really long time for the bad conditioner to run out, and it seemed like it was taking forever, so I just used the rest of it in one go as shaving cream substitute. Now I am on the good conditioner and much happier. Use your sucky facewash as bodywash to make it go faster.

I am waiting for my friend to stop by the office so we can take a walk.
posted by rmless2 16 September | 12:36
I may have to do that. It's already going fast, because it's so watery and I need a huge amount of it to make enough lather to wash my face. CVS Foaming Face Wash, beware of it! It is NOT comparable to the Neutrogrena Foaming Face Wash!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 September | 12:52
rmless I always use cheap conditioner as a shave lotion/whatever. It's an old tip I got from some women's mag ages ago. Works so much better than soap (doesn't clog blades) and is tons cheaper than those purpose-marketed "shave gels" or whatever.
posted by lonefrontranger 16 September | 12:57
Ya, I bought no-name brand furniture polish instead of Pledge to polish our table, 'cause who really cares about furniture polish?
But when I use it it's like I'm smearing Crisco on the table with a dry hamburger bun or something. Never again.

And I'm waiting until this maybe-I'm-getting-a-cold, maybe-I'm-not feeling goes away so I can start going to the Y again after a sloth-like summer.
posted by chococat 16 September | 13:25
Waiting for something new.
posted by Claudia_SF 16 September | 13:27
in 25 minutes, the short bus.
posted by plinth 16 September | 13:28
For my devil-baby to go back to sleep.
posted by gomichild 16 September | 13:53
Waiting, VERY impatiently, for the two most insanely busy work weeks of the year to end so I can move forward with my plan to adopt a greyhound. (I have already found the one I want! We have bonded! I lurve her! I have bought her a bed and a feeder and everything! Except I can't realistically bring her home until I have at least a couple of days free to spend at home getting her acclimated to living in a house! Which I won't have until Oct. 4! And the agency doesn't "hold" dogs with a deposit, so someone else might come along and adopt her first! Arrghh!)
posted by kat allison 16 September | 15:12
Waiting for my boss to tell me I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week.
posted by dg 16 September | 15:34
Pink, you know, now that you've asked, I realize I have been waiting, but for what I can't now remember 'cause I've been waiting for whatever it is for so long I've forgotten.

I'm gonna go have a cookie.
posted by MonkeyButter 16 September | 17:03
Inspiration to strike.
posted by occhiblu 16 September | 17:19
The Rapture.
posted by essexjan 16 September | 17:33
I'm waiting for final of Project Runway Australia to download
posted by goshling 16 September | 18:47
Friday. On Friday, I get to go home after a two-week business trip.
posted by Doohickie 16 September | 19:16
My raise to come through.
posted by lysdexic 16 September | 19:26
Aliens. Isn't anyone else waiting for aliens?
posted by Pips 16 September | 20:31
The end of the world! Dear Lord, I sincerely hope you're coming cause you really started something.
posted by tangerine 17 September | 12:49
interview for my dream job. monday. woah.
posted by slackshot 19 September | 01:01
Waiting for the train to pull up at 6:30 in the morning to haul me to Munich where I'll be joining germans at their most german beeriness and a lot of non-Germans who like beer: the Oktoberfeste!
And meet some mefites of course.
posted by jouke 19 September | 03:29
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