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14 September 2008

For Lipstick Thespian. be careful what you ask for.
Did you say "yootz"?
What is a yoot?
posted by jrossi4r 14 September | 21:21
hugh janus is right, sorry johnny. The video made me smile though.
posted by puke & cry 14 September | 21:40
actually, evanizer from mefi, who grew up in the county where they're made told me that 'yootz' is the correct pronunciation. Either way it's onomotopoiec (or whatever) when combined with Schlitz.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 21:42
Schiltz and Utz? That's when you end up with the shitz.
posted by puke & cry 14 September | 21:48
Or the shlutz.
posted by ethylene 14 September | 21:51
and zitz.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 21:52
I could see it being "ootz." I don't think it would be "yootz" without some sort of diacritical mark, but maybe a German speaker will come along and sort that out. It does pair well with "Schlitz." And they are awesome chips.

LT is currently offline but will love this when he sees it tomorrow.
posted by Miko 14 September | 21:53
he better. we drank a lot on his behalf. we would have drank anyway, but he gave it purpose.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 21:54
Miko, if you click the second link to the company website, they provide the pronunciation.

OOOOH! And they just said it right this second on Mad Men! How's that for synchronicity?
posted by jrossi4r 14 September | 21:56
you will share this nightmare....
posted by jonmc 14 September | 22:03
Seriously though, schilz?
posted by puke & cry 14 September | 22:03
as cheap beer goes, it's not bad, better than PBR. we polished off a bunch of blackberry wheat beer along with it, too, if that makes you feel any better.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 22:05
The official potato crisp of discerning metachatters everywhere. Also, Schlitz beer is good, too.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 September | 22:06
I prefer pbr over schiltz, actually. But that may be because the name. Also pbr is really hard to find around here.
posted by puke & cry 14 September | 22:09
pbr has a syrupy undertaste. schlitz is no wonder of the world, but it tastes like beer. and of course, it gets you drunk.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 22:11
That's true about pbr, although I've never really thought about it until now. My cheap ass beer of choice is red dog. Cheapest per volume usually.
posted by puke & cry 14 September | 22:13
Those Death Valley Chipotle Kettle Chips are pretty okay.
posted by box 14 September | 22:17
You haven't lived until you've tried Utz salt-free chips with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce ... mmmmmmmmm
posted by Susurration 14 September | 22:26
Thanks for the clarification, jrossi. I'm a little sorry it's not really "youtz," or "ootz" but I think it might be fun to call it that anyhow.
posted by Miko 14 September | 22:55
On Mad Men tonight Utz rhymed with nuts (spelled nutz).
posted by nickyskye 14 September | 23:53
As per LT's recommendation, I brought back a bag of each kind of Fox Family. They rock!
posted by brujita 15 September | 00:27
It's only Monday morning, and this has made my week.
posted by BoringPostcards 15 September | 08:39
Ha! That's great. Pips' laugh cracked me up.
posted by goo 15 September | 08:59

JonMC - you did not fail me. HughJanus - you did not fail me. Pips - you did not fail me.


And it's Utz like Nutz and Futz and Cutz.

And Fox Family! Yes!

posted by Lipstick Thespian 15 September | 10:07
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