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13 September 2008

Euro-Metal! If you were a metal fan/Kerrang! reader in the 1980's you know what I'm talking about. France! Switzerland! Ireland! Germany! Denmark! and of course England!

Because it's been a long hard week and we deserve it. RAWK!
Hey JonMC - I have nothing to say about Euro metal, but I sure would like to see a Youtube video of you espousing the virtues of Utz brand Crab chips (which I finally actually saw at a Mom and Pop market in Ocean City, NJ).

Can you please use hand puppets when you make this video? I'm ideally envisioning you having a nice convo with a hand puppet about the chips.

Please don't disregard this message, JonMC, I've had a hard week also.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 13 September | 19:47
Our armies in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Our brothers in Belgium, Holland and France
Will not fail
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy
Switzerland, Austria
Back to the Glory of Germany
posted by Wolfdog 13 September | 20:14
I guessed 4 out of 6. I missed Trust, and I did guess Slade for lack of anything else on the Irish, even though they're Brits. At least the song's a Slade cover.
posted by Zack_Replica 13 September | 20:59
At least the song's a Slade cover.

It's a Sham 69 cover actually.
posted by jonmc 13 September | 21:07
and Finland!
posted by jonmc 13 September | 21:09
Hey, my friend is putting out a book on Andy McCoy. Maybe they'll finally tour US some day soon.
An excerpt:
"My dad beat my mom, my mom beat my big brother, my big brother beat me, I beat my sister, my sister beat the dog, the dog beat the cat, the cat beat the hamster, and the hamster beat whatever bugs he could find. That was our family's version of the natural order."
posted by Hellbient 13 September | 21:37
You know, I wasn't sure about that cover... The Sham 69 song is great, and it's something I could see Slade doing in a heartbeat, thus the confusion.

Also, didn't get Hanoi Rocks. Dammit.
posted by Zack_Replica 14 September | 02:55
The Sham 69 song is great,

And it works surprisingly well as anthem metal. I remember Mama's Boys took out an ad in Kerrang! asking their fans to show up at some housing complex in either Belfast or London. That must've been the one. Works well.
posted by jonmc 14 September | 09:47
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