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13 September 2008

My dream has come true... ...because of the random generosity of my mom, I now own a DYSON.[More:]

I am not a materialistic person, in general. I don't long for big screen tvs, I don't have cable or satellite, we have a small but happy home, I wear jeans mostly, etc etc...but for YEARS I have drooled over dyson vacuum cleaners. DROOLED, I say.

It's a Dyson Absolute. DC-17. It ROCKS.

Whoa. Is it better than a Kirby? I've only ever had Kirby's and ShopVacs
posted by lysdexic 13 September | 12:02
dysons are made of win. it is a neat, tidy way to vacuum your house.

nevertheless, the other half and i still refer to the chore as 'hoovering'.
posted by By the Grace of God 13 September | 12:05
I bought a Dyson 12 years ago and it still rocks. When I can be arsed to use it, that is. I tend to let the dust bunnies accumulate until they assemble themselves into a kitten, then I open the door and let it run away.

lysdexic, I remember reading an article a few years ago in The Sunday Times about vacuums and some guy who runs a vacuum cleaner museum in the States said that Dyson - by a mile - is the best you can buy, and that he never thought anything would be better than a Kirby.
posted by essexjan 13 September | 12:17
I just found out my neighbor has a Dyson too! She also raves about hers!

So, who needs their house vacuumed?
posted by bunnyfire 13 September | 14:40
I understand your dream, bunnyfire. For the longest time I wanted a Kenmore canister vacuum. I dreamed of vacuuming curtains and underneath beds without attachments. Oh, the simplicity! Everyone must own an upright and a canister. I read it in a book. Sadly, my dream of owning a canister vac was never realized. ;-)
posted by LoriFLA 13 September | 15:04
Consumer Reports on the DC17:
CR's Take
Moderately expensive, this upright excelled at cleaning bare floors and keeping its emissions low. It cleaned carpets and picked up pet hair very well, but it is somewhat noisy and lacks a few key features.

This model excelled at cleaning bare floors and keeping its emissions low. It was very good at cleaning carpets and picking up pet hair.

The Dyson was fairly noisy in our tests and was somewhat hard to handle. It lacks suction control, manual pile-height adjustment, and a retractable cord. It is not self-propelled.

Its score was 65/100, with the highest-rated competitor a Kenmore costing half as much and scoring 75.

Kirby and Dyson had the lowest repair rates, though.
posted by dhartung 13 September | 16:31
OOO come over and vacuum my place!
posted by gomichild 13 September | 17:43
yeah, we could use some hoovering, bunnyfire! I have iced tea!
posted by By the Grace of God 13 September | 18:17
Yay for Dyson. I've had the Dyson "Animal" vacuum cleaner for seven years. It rocks - nothing else can get up the dog hair and accumulated dust bunnies (upping essexjan's dust kittens, I have dust dinosaurs mooching behind the sofa - they rumble and roar in the wee small hours until I clean up). Do you have the Turbo brush? I love mine: great for stairs.
posted by Susurration 13 September | 18:30
posted by quonsar 13 September | 22:22
You know, they say the model is not self-propelled-but it handles as if it were! I found it really easy to handle, actually. And I don't mind not having a retractable cord.

I don't have the turbo brush but I don't have stairs or upholstery either (the couch is leather/vinyl.) No pets either. But apparently I can order it if I decide later on I need it.

It got an incredible amount of dirt out of my bedroom carpet today.Incredible.
posted by bunnyfire 13 September | 22:56
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