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11 September 2008

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HA HA! *does Nelson imitation*
posted by DarkForest 11 September | 18:24

*sniff* That was awesome.
posted by bunnyfire 11 September | 18:25
Nicky, you are like, queen of teh internets.

No matter what the topic is, you can pull five awesome links about it just out of the air.

Like that. (snaps)

Like magic or something.
posted by jason's_planet 11 September | 18:28
Yes, I LOL'd.

*orders tutu for boo*
posted by essexjan 11 September | 18:31
This is why I never accepted any of those modeling jobs I was offered, no matter how many lollipops the nice man in the car offered me.
posted by jonmc 11 September | 18:34
And this precisely nails down why I don't understand fashion.
posted by eekacat 11 September | 18:37
Wow, just... wow.

Err, and wait...

jonmc, I thought you were the nice man in the car?
posted by -t 11 September | 19:13
In college I tried to counteract my dourness by dressing in colorful multi-patterned clothing, like Doctor Who or Mork.

Those are some horrible memories.
posted by stilicho 11 September | 19:30
Ridiculous... heh.

I feel like there's a joke that I'm not in on.
posted by defenestration 11 September | 19:52
So sad they can't even work that sadness.
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i, too, would be disheartened.
posted by ethylene 11 September | 19:56
fuck it - I'm going the other way and saying I'm down with the absurdly high waisted pants. If they're cut right they might be really comfortable, in that overalls kind of way.

*pauses, runs away*
posted by Lipstick Thespian 11 September | 21:11
You know, after a lifetime of watching sadistic, condescending male designers put female models into stupid, uncomfortable, unwearable, unflattering, and ridiculous outfits, there's something in me that can't help but be amused to see male models enjoying the same kind of treatment.
posted by Miko 11 September | 23:15
If they're cut right they might be really comfortable, in that overalls kind of way.

This is why I prefer just to wear overalls. Nothing squeezing your waist, lots of pockets, lots of crotch room, and people are all, hey, you're wearing overalls, and I'm all, yeah.
posted by middleclasstool 11 September | 23:16
I want to be a model. Actually, I think I just want to dress like one. I can WORK crazy shit.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 September | 23:22
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Wedding dress + lab coat + beekeeper's headgear = haute couture!
posted by unsurprising 12 September | 01:43
Wasn't Thom Brown the one who was trying to make tiny ill-fitting suits a big thing a few seasons ago? Fuck that guy.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 12 September | 17:21
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