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11 September 2008

Bored. Need really good games from the internets. Please hope me.[More:]

I'm looking for interesting interactive games that will eat up some of my mind-numbing spare time. Things like this, maybe.

Thank you.
Bookmark Jay Is Games if you don't have it already.
posted by BoringPostcards 11 September | 09:21
I love Type Racer.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 September | 09:36

I've wasted many an hour playing The Net.
posted by altolinguistic 11 September | 09:53
I've swiftly become addicted to Kongregate. It makes a game out of winning games, plus there's a social aspect (that I avoid :).
posted by muddgirl 11 September | 10:11
I love Type Racer.
I do too. Unfortunately this keyboard has seen one too many coffee spills to be in tip-top competition shape. Well, plus the fact that these keyboards kind of suck even when they're new.
posted by Wolfdog 11 September | 10:11
'course I just now remembered I don't like typing Quentin Tarantino dialogue even if it goes by really fast, so there is that.
posted by Wolfdog 11 September | 10:16
My addiction of choice is Dice Wars (there's a multiplayer lookalike called KDice but the gameplay is different). You will like or dislike it in similar proportion to liking Risk. The same site has some other decent games, tho the one I play the most in short bursts is Chat Noir.

If you like Chat Noir, then you'll love Orisinal. I think there was a thread on the blue just about Ferry's games with people posting their faves. They tend to be (very well done) one-trick ponies, and whether any pony strikes your fancy is the question.
posted by stilicho 11 September | 13:57
These are all good, thanks guys!

I know Orisinal and like it, and I'm no good at typing games, sorry. I enjoyed Mudcraft way too much, and would play anything like Samorost...

Keep 'em comin'!
posted by Specklet 11 September | 14:39
Oh, does anyone know the name of the game that was a puzzle thingy with a kangaroo and mining railways and he had to get the water to the railway thingy? It was cartoony and orange and a good puzzle.
posted by Specklet 11 September | 15:06
It was Chasm, Specklet, and it was a Kiwi.

I have a walkthrough, should you need it.
posted by essexjan 11 September | 15:09
Actually it was a platypus. I just checked, but deliberately clicked away before I got sucked into the game again.
posted by essexjan 11 September | 15:10
If you like Samarost you'll probably like Questionaut too.
posted by essexjan 11 September | 15:13
Jan, you're awesome!
posted by Specklet 11 September | 15:25
Car vs House || OMG! Evil kitties!