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07 September 2008

We took Otto swimming this morning at the lake. We got about 5" of rain so the water was pouring heavily over the little dam.[More:]

We finally found a way to get to the other side, away from the fishing folks. It's a short hike in, by a small pond and through some woods. 2 big blue herons were hanging out there, along with a lone swan and a couple of ducks.

I was looking for a stick to throw for Otto to retrieve, & when I found one, this green thing moved quickly away. It was a cool frog - one with those suction cup feet - he was green with black spots, just hangin' in the sun. Drying out, probably. I wanted to pick him up but mrs chewie said she didn't know anything about what kind it was & didn't feel like carrying me back to the truck, so I left him alone.

There were also a few turtles, a bazillion grasshoppers and dragonflies, and a couple of other pooches Otto got to romp with for a few minutes. He is currently sacked out.

Nothing spectacular, just sayin' howdy to mother nature after Hanna's visit.
Oh, and stewriffic - I just saw your comment in the Hanna thread - yep in Raleigh! Next time we take him out I'll get you a heads up if you want to head this way.
posted by chewatadistance 07 September | 11:06
Frogs and Toads of North Carolina

He must have had a great time. I can imagine him not wanting to go home.
posted by MonkeyButter 07 September | 12:55
Thanks MonkeyButter - according to that link, the frog was this guy - he was bright green.

There were fresh deer tracks in the mud when we left. One of these days we will get out there earlier in the morning and see what kinda creatures hang out there when nobody's looking.
posted by chewatadistance 07 September | 13:36
Yowsa! I heart doggies, and Otto is ottoriffic! I work in the Cameron Village area, so that works well. :-)

Creeks are raging around here, too. Crazy crazy.
posted by Stewriffic 07 September | 14:14
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