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07 September 2008

So, the other day, I was on my porch listening to music and drinking beer. I reached down and took a sip from my can. Turns out it was a beer I had left on the porch a few days before. Blechhh! Sadly this is not the first time that's happened.
You left a can with some beer still in it???!!!
posted by essexjan 07 September | 13:07
Jan, oddly, I find it difficult to drink beer lying down. So when I go to bed I'll occasionally abandon a beer. Big mistake.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 13:14

When I was a kid I was drinking a can of coke in church, in an old building in Brisbane. I took a sip and a frickin exoskeleton hit my lips - a goddamned massive Brisbane cockroach had crawled into my can. I really had to hold myself back from screaming in church, but I couldn't help the retching.
posted by goo 07 September | 13:28
ewwwwwww!! I had to help a coworker get to the infirmary really fast once - he took a sip out of his drink can at lunch and a yellow jacket had crawled in. He took in the creature with a big swig & it stung him. He was really allergic. Pretty scary.

I don't think I can get that roach thing outta my head now, goo!
posted by chewatadistance 07 September | 13:33
Chewie, there's a bar in NYC called the Mars Bar that I've gotten loaded in a few times. It is by a wide margin the sleaziest dive I've ever been in, which is saying something. I've heard stories of people getting up to take a leak, coming back and finding a cockroach doing the backstroke in it.

It's kind of a wonder that the gentrification of the east Village has left that place still standing.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 13:39
At a party I once saw a friend mistakenly take a swig from a can that had been used by others as an ashtray. It was gross to watch. I bet it was even grosser for her.
posted by loiseau 07 September | 13:51
I'm pretty sure everybody where I grew up knew somebody who dipped, and who eventually made the inevitable spit-can mixup.
posted by Wolfdog 07 September | 13:59
Ewwwwwww. EEEEWWWWWWWwww. totally, completely squicked out.
posted by theora55 07 September | 14:35
I've seen the ashtray-can mix up happen, hell, I think I may have done it at least once. Fortunately I'm no longer around smokers.

When I was in New York, my boss also had a coffee delivered from the place on the first floor that was the standard styro cup with a plastic cup and triangular opening. Through which she felt a tickle. Yep, a living, swimming cockroach, in hot coffee.* She didn't order from downstairs for a long time after that (the rest of us kept doing it because, well, it was either that or a machine).

Now, should I mention the road trip -- beer bottle risk? Or is it obvious?

* Mind you that roach was nothing to the one that was trying to crawl out of my tin ceiling on the upper upper west side this one time. Crawfish proportions, I'm telling you.
posted by stilicho 07 September | 14:45
the upper upper west side

The realtor euphemism for 'Harlem.'
posted by jonmc 07 September | 14:53
The Mars Bar musta been living up to its name with some protein in every swig.

I thought Harlem was the epitome of gentrification these days?
posted by chewatadistance 07 September | 15:27
A couple years ago my kids and I were having lunch at Bubba Gump's with a bunch of my friends and their kids. I look over and notice my three-year-old is chomping gum. How did he get gum? Underneath the table!
posted by LoriFLA 07 September | 15:32
I thought Harlem was the epitome of gentrification these days?

It is, but they'll still say 'upper west side' so as not to scare the out-of-towners.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 15:33
LoriFLA, a friend of mine found her 5-year-old chewing gum when they were walking down the street.

"Where did you get that?" she asked him, horrified.

"I found it on the pavement" he replied, "but it's alright because I washed it in a puddle first."
posted by essexjan 07 September | 16:01
I just went to go get beer. There's about 10 fire trucks including a HazMat van out on 28th Street. Also, I think that the girl with the glasses at my corner store is dating the dwarf cashier from the Key Food. He was hanging out there schmoozing with her drinking a cup of Starbucks coffe that was almost as big as him. But good for them, they're both nice people.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 16:31
We took Otto || I've been looking at knobs this afternoon.