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30 August 2008

Shoes! I bought shoes this weekend. Tell me about your shoes.
I have a pair of black Chucks, and a pair of black Timberlands. They cover my stinky feet. They're size 11.

(I have never understood the 'shoe thing,' some people have. I don't spend that much time looking at feet.)
posted by jonmc 30 August | 20:33
Finally found a pair of affordable, flat, sleek black boots that didn't sag around my skinny calves at Macy's. That was looking to be an impossible project. I now feel ready for fall.

I also bought these (in red). I don't NEED them, but.... they're so pretty! I need to make a date to go somewhere fancy so I can wear them.

Tell me about your shoes- the ones you're wearing, the ones in your closet, the ones you want to buy, the ones that exist only in your imagination.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 August | 20:34
My current favourites are these and these.

I wear flats almost exclusively. I also have a few pairs of Chuck Taylors, a few pairs of Nike Blazers, black flat tall boots, these (very comfortable) and a pair of flat tall Kimmel Yitta boots in olive, which appear to no longer exist according to the internet.

I also have a few pairs of Sugar and BC Footwear canvas flats that have seen better days.
posted by loiseau 30 August | 20:54
I'm currently wearing my leopard print Chuck Taylor's. I also have a pair with flames printed on them if I'm feeling particularly speedy. Rest of my shoes are practical. Hiking boots, cycling shoes, steel toe boots for work. That kind of thing.
posted by eekacat 30 August | 20:54
I got these recently for like half off at Pennys. I love them, they're so comfy. It feels like a 1" heel.
posted by kellydamnit 30 August | 21:08
My very favoritest of the favorites are Camper. I have a pair of sneaker-like flats and a pair of boots from them and they are the CUTEST EVER. Also, really durable and comfy.
posted by grapefruitmoon 30 August | 21:32
I love your red shoes, TPS. *LOVE* They are gorgeous. I have a lot of shoes. I have a lot of heels. Beautiful heels that I seldom wear but they're there if I need them and I like looking at them in the closet. High black Richard Tylers and all kinds of beauty. I love to wear high-heeled sandals with jeans, I wear them more often than my pumps.

The shoes I've been wearing presently are kind of boring. I wear Kino sandals all of the time. I love these things, but they don't have tread on the bottom so sometimes you go flying if you hit a slick part of the sidewalk or linoleum. I buy Kinos every time I go to Key West. My friends buy me pairs when they go.

I also love my black Reef flip flops. They are a staple.

I'm a big fan of wedge sandals and have a few pairs that I like but I will always miss my favorite pair that my dog ate. They were perfect in every way.

I wear these to work. They're not that attractive. I wear these things sometimes. We can wear white sneakers with our khakis or we can wear dress clothes. I have to wear a flat or a sneaker to work. In case I need to assist someone or pick someone off the floor. Even though I usually don't do much but take blood pressures and stare at telemetry screens.

I wear bright blue Adidas running sneaker to the YMCA. They are mighty noticeable. Sometimes I wear a pair of low profile Reebok sneakers. They're brown suede and European looking. They have a strap that wraps around the bottom of the foot. They're pretty for a sneaker.

I've had my eye on these. I'll probably buy them.

I dream of suede heels for fall and winter. Suede heels in luscious colors like teal blue and dark red (I'll add the red pair to my wish list. I can see myself wearing these).

I could talk about shoes all day.

I'm glad you found boots that fit, TPS. Work those red pumps. They're beautiful.
posted by LoriFLA 30 August | 21:42
I'm a flats girl, too. Flat shoes for my flat feet. A doctor confirmed it years ago. Flat like Aflac.

Last fall, I bought two pair of the same style, one in brown and one in black, and only wore the black. (I can't believe they lasted all year.) This, then, will be the year of the brown.

I also have a cool new pair of black and silver Pumas. The original Pumas, white leather with black accents, were my favorite as a kid. I have to buy men's sneakers to fit my duck feet, though.
posted by Pips 30 August | 21:43
*cartoonish, eye-bugging, ear-steaming wolf whistle for TPS*
posted by Joe Invisible 30 August | 21:45
Flats never get wolf whistles. :(
posted by Pips 30 August | 21:49
Hey baby, you're looking mighty fine in those flats.
posted by LoriFLA 30 August | 22:03
I have a pair of New Balance sneakers. (Yes, SNEAKERS. Get over it.) I have a pair of two-tone (black and burgundy) tassel loafers, and I just bought a pair of Sketchers that look like sneakers except they're made out of leather. That's pretty much it.
posted by Doohickie 30 August | 22:38
I just got black boots for my thin calves too. High heel though. I actually had to break out the measuring tape. Kind of weird measuring your calves, but paid off well, they fit like a glove with knee socks, and some give with tights.

loiseau, I've had my eye on those Keens for weeks, I might just cave any second.

I have a pair of Campers I don't even really love but I basically can't put them on without getting compliments. I think my most indulgently beautiful shoes are oxfordish Cydwoq and Frye t-straps from last year. I have more expensive shoes, but those two look like someone who really loves shoes and leather made them.

posted by birdie 30 August | 22:38
Just bought my first pair of civilian shoes since I joined the Navy. Other than that, all I have down here are me boots, my uniform dress shoes, and my Navy-issue running shoes. Im having my running shoes sent down soon along with my bowling shoes.
posted by concrete 30 August | 23:04
Ooh, I love those civilian shoes.
posted by LoriFLA 30 August | 23:08
Right now I am wearing $5 ballet flats from Filene's basement that are already smelly and falling apart after 3 weeks. It is according to plan, though, I am throwing them out when I leave camp tomorrow.
posted by rmless2 30 August | 23:30
loiseau, I've had my eye on those Keens for weeks, I might just cave any second.

They are incredibly comfortable, but I've taken to referring to them as my "lesbian shoes" (no offense, anyone!) I love maryjanes but they're less than dainty, you could say.

I do want these Keens now, although I'm not crazy about the colours.

I *LOVE* Campers and have lusted after various styles for years (especially these Twins boots with the alphabet on them) but they're just plain too expensive. There have been times I perhaps could have pulled it off, but I couldn't justify it to myself.

I have these and these.

I really like these and these.
(can you tell I love buttons?)

I only got into shoes last year -- before that I turned my nose up at the shoe-crazy female stereotype -- but now I'm full-on obsessed.
posted by loiseau 30 August | 23:44
I own the following shoes:
  • Black shoes for work (which I wear every day except Friday, when I wear my running shoes)
  • Brown casual boots (I don't remember the last time I wore these)
  • Running shoes (Asic - very worn and in dire need of replacement)
  • Steel capped work boots (for working on the house - I don't remember the last time I wore anything else on the weekend)
  • Sandals - leather (for summer wear pre-house-building days)
  • Sandals - plastic (for more casual summer wear pre-house-building days).

I hope to wear those sandals a lot more this summer because, even if it kills me, this house will be finished by then!
posted by dg 30 August | 23:46
I have an amazing pair of blue Lacoste shoes that are fucking amazing. It was a lark that brought me to them in the first place. I was at Nordstrom Rack and fell in love with them, but not with the $80 price tag. I left them alone.
The next day, I realized my fatal error and knew that I needed this pair of shoes in my life. My mom went back to the store and they were gone. I looked on the internet and was disheartened to see that they were well over $100 retail (and only available on Zappos because they are old shoes).

I went back to Nordstrom Rack several weeks later and THEY HAD REAPPEARED. I snapped up those fuckers so fast. Oh man. They fit my feet perfectly and are totally comfortable and BLUE! I never thought I would be fit to wear bright blue shoes. But they are mine and I love them and I'm currently saving my pennies in order to purchase another pair because these ones are starting to look quite worn. (I wear them at least 5 days a week to work.)
posted by sperose 31 August | 00:07
I own two pair of Red Wings, both black. (They're made in Amurrica! By Amurricans!) One pair has laces. I wear them when waiting tables/tending bar/attending funerals. The other pair are slip-ons with steel toes. They are insanely comfortable, durable, and ugly. I wear them when waiting tables/tending bar/attending rock shows. (I have sensitive toes, and you never know when you'll need to kick someone to death.) I need to buy a pair of hiking boots. To play disc golf in. Because black slip-ons look funny with shorts.

Currently I do not own a pair of Chucks, but I have owned many in the past. Black high-tops, of course.

Also, I approve of the word "sneakers".
posted by BitterOldPunk 31 August | 00:10
I have 2 pairs of chuck taylors and some adidas sneakers and some black flats and brown flats and some black heels and dark wine heels and black boots and black mary-janes and 3 pairs of slippers. The end.
posted by gaspode 31 August | 00:56
I have a pair of really good sandals, a pair of casual shoes (leaky, need replacing), a pair of sneakers and a pair of winter boots. Oh, I also have a pair of black dress shoes that I borrowed from my father (I had to wear my suit and didn't have shoes to go with it). I really should return those.
posted by Daniel Charms 31 August | 01:04
I also approve of the word "sneakers". Feel no shame in using it.
posted by dg 31 August | 01:25
They go fump fump fump when I walk.
posted by Eideteker 31 August | 02:01
I have very broad feet, sized between a UK 4 and 5 (about a US 7). In my current job I can wear walking shoes or trainers, but if I'm to get a 'proper' job, I'll have to wear smart shoes. Comfortable, stylish, wide-fit, affordable shoes are hard to find in the UK.

I recently bought two pairs of smart shoes, wide fitting, yet still they are not comfortable. I wore one pair on Friday for my interview but wore flats until I got to the place and then swapped them over (thank goodness for large handbags).

But I recently discovered Viva La Diva, and intend to buy a pair of winter walking shoes from them (these are the style I've had in the past from Land's End, so I hope these last as well). With your first purchase you get a free measuring guide so I'll be able to buy some nice, fashionable shoes for work that don't cripple me.

My plan, should I get a 'proper shoe' job, is to splash out on a pair of MBTs to wear on my walk to and from the station, and keep nice shoes in the office. I'll probably end up buying them on a visit to the States, because they're cheaper than they are here by about 30, and there are nicer styles available in the States.
posted by essexjan 31 August | 03:15
I came really close to buying a super-awesome pair of patent leather sneakers today at Zara but held back because the construction was crap and they were overpriced by a good $30. Rawr, Zara. And the label was priced in euros! Whiskey tango foxtrot?
posted by mdonley 31 August | 05:43
I had a pair of really stupid shoes once - that's what I called them, the stupid shoes. They were black vinyl, 6" chunky heel with a platform, and I wore them dancing for hours. Until one night my sister wrestled me into a chair, ripped them from my feet, cut the straps and threw them in the bin because I was dripping blood all over her floor. Then she tenderly bathed and dressed my wounds.

My sister and I also had the shoe monster, a smiley face drawn on the right toe of a pair of Chuck Taylors - he kept her entertained for years.

What's notable about sneakers? Most people in the thread have called them that. I like New Balance for actual running etc, and also have a pair of old-school Adidas for actual sneaking.

I have wide feet and high arches and hate buying shoes, but have still managed to amass ~20 pairs, some functional, some for fun, but never again the stupid shoes! I am also kinda Doc Martens' bitch.
posted by goo 31 August | 06:25
I have wide feet and high arches and hate buying shoes, but have still managed to amass ~20 pairs, some functional, some for fun, but never again the stupid shoes! I am also kinda Doc Martens' bitch.

I am much the same way (right down to my own story of stupid shoes thrown away in a parking lot in canada because the metal sole shank snapped and went into my foot midway through a concert.)

My feet are wide at the ball... most "wide" shoes are wide at the heel, or throughout. Which means I get to decide- crushed toes or stepping out of my shoes all night. Because of my ankle I can't wear a lot of higher heels, or thinner heels, or stilletos. And my arches are crazy-high. In sandals or open shoes you can see daylight through them. My bare foot footprint doesn't show contact with the ground at all at the middle- just heel and toe.
these things help. I've also found LifeStride brand shoes are a bit wider in the toe than heel, so I have a lot of those.

So when I find shoes that fit and are remotely non-agonizing, I'll wear them until they rot off my legs.
posted by kellydamnit 31 August | 09:44
My plan, should I get a 'proper shoe' job, is to splash out on a pair of MBTs to wear on my walk to and from the station, and keep nice shoes in the office.

Those are... odd looking.
posted by loiseau 31 August | 11:56
Can I please get a pair of patent leather loafers? That don't cost a million dollars on the internet? Like Michael Jackson Loafers. That's what I need. I don't feel professional in ballet flats, not that they do anything for anybody anyway, and I don't like the chunky school shoes look either. Plus I don't want to wear pumps every day, but if I have to, I will, dammit.

Actually, I was practially begged to buy shoes at the mall on Friday. Unsolicited half off deals from the salespeople. I got saldals from 9 West and Tennis Shoes form Sears, each for a steal, really a steal.

I just yearn for that everyday black shoe that goes with black pants to find me.

Yes, I have a shoe thing.
posted by rainbaby 31 August | 12:15
I justified buying my recent pair of Campers (The ladies' version of these, sort of a cross between this shoe and this one - I can't find a picture of them anywhere. Go fig.) when replacing a totally, totally awesome pair of shoes (these, only hemp, not cotton) that "had the weenie" after a mere year of use. $160 seemed like a big chunk of change until the nice store lady told me about the 2 year warranty. If, within two years, my shoes started falling apart in the manner of my Simples (the ones I was replacing), they would replace 'em.

$160 = Camper, 2yrs.
$90 = Simples, 1 year and then they died.

So, all in all, it's a tad bit less than I would have paid to get the same shoes again and replace them after another year. I keep trying to get Mr. Moon to get Campers because he wears out his shoes and replaces them every 3-4 mos. He says they're too pricey, but it's MORE expensive to pay $90 every 3 mos!

Also: I can only wear flats due to a bum ankle, and Camper makes THE CUTEST flats of them all!


I'm an admitted shoe-a-holic. My complete collection: black patent-leather Dansko clogs, red Dansko Mary Janes, black leather ballet flats, black leather FUR LINED Camper boots (take THAT baby seals! I lived in Iceland and these boots were AMAZING for winter storms. Come in handy in New England too), black suede Airwalk lace-up boots (best $30 at Payless I ever spent, they're falling apart after 2 winters and will need to be replaced this year), leopard print w/cherry pattern rain boots, red Keen sandals, tan leather Reef flip-flops, Red/Green/Blue sort of "heat sensor" patterned Doc Martens, one pair of black heels with off-white stitching in case I *need* heels - but I could never wear them for any length of time before my ankle would just give up. I think that's it. I used to have more, but then I got rid of a lot when I moved. Yes, I used to have MORE SHOES.

Maybe I have a problem.
posted by grapefruitmoon 31 August | 16:23
I like comfortable, black shoes. Right now I have a new pair of riekers, two newish pairs of Josef Siebels.
posted by Claudia_SF 31 August | 16:34
grapefruitmoon, how are those in terms of arch support? I should wear flats with my ankle, but rarely do since they make my high arches ache.
posted by kellydamnit 31 August | 18:10
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