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28 August 2008

Link to a youtube video of a couple old friends. I've been scared to make my 100th post. It's true. This video finally got me over that. It's one old friend singing a new song of another old friend. Tim, the songwriter, is a beatific saint of music. Tom, the singer, has had more success, and has a throat. Man, can he sing. This song gives me gooseflesh. Lemme know if you like it too?
Wow. Real nice. Is there an album in the making?
posted by MonkeyButter 28 August | 16:50
I think Tom might be getting ready to release an album by this "Lee Harvey Osmond" group that is mentioned here. He is a busy guy, and I think LHO might be another output for him. Chances are, he hooked up with Tim for a track, to be included.

Tom's also one of the members of a group called Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, which orginally formed to pay tribute to Canadian songwriter Willie P. Bennett. BaRK, as they are sometimes referred, are made up of Tom, Stephen Fearing and Colin Linden.

Tom's last "band" was a group called Junkhouse, which put out 1 indie and 3 major label records starting in the early nineties. Before that, he was the main guy in a band called the Florida Razors, which made the rounds of southern Ontario in the eighties.

He's also engaged to Cathy Jones, a wonderfully funny Canadian comedienne, past of This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

And, he's a pretty great guy, who these days, is a fantastic showman, and a great story teller. If you look on youtube, there's a great video of him playing a song from another old friend, called Jesus Sings the Blues. He tells a great story about meeting Springsteen in the video as well.

I kinda miss those guys. It's amazing how far away 4-5 hours by car can be!
posted by richat 28 August | 17:59
Oh, and watch the Queen Bee video for some fantastic dancing. Not from Tom, mind you, but it's fantastic all the same.
posted by richat 28 August | 18:00
The Hidden Cameras - "A Miracle" || Baby panda birth! OMG!