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23 August 2008

Today, someone selling us books made me aware of a hitherto unknown literary subgenre. [More:] You've heard of bodice busters? Well, here's some Lab Coat Busters. I can picture the prose: My heart beat wildly in my breast whenever he was near. I know because he had me hooked up to an EKG..

This could start a trend-Legal Romance? Accountancy Romance? Sanitation Worker Romance? This is a literary goldmine waiting to be dug, people.
Pimp / Ho romance.
posted by Meatbomb 23 August | 18:54
Legal Romance?

Jon spent the weekend lost in his briefs.

Accountancy Romance?

Taking a break for now, Jon applied his backup withholding to his carryover.

Sanitation Worker Romance?

Jon's centroclinal dip sent his backflow into her groundwater.
posted by StickyCarpet 23 August | 18:58
Long story, but someone I knew writes historical romance novels. Not a big market there either...
posted by eekacat 23 August | 19:05
Funny, I was just flipping through the Medical Board of California newsletter. About 20 physicians per issue get their license revoked for participating in real life romance novels.

Occasionally I recognize a name from medical school.
posted by ikkyu2 23 August | 23:36
I've seen a few movies like that -- Horny Nurses Do Blackzilla, Exploited MILF Nurses, Bangbros Go To The ER, etc
posted by matteo 24 August | 12:28
My favorite mystery series is actually pseudo-romance/sci-fi as well. And there are supernatural romances as well as time traveling ones and ones made up of completely fictional countries with creaturesz that are like vampires, but aren't. I also remember this one where there was this mega-buff chick who was like a super spy for her planet, but got abandoned on a planet where women were chattel/slaves/puny/etc. and got enslaved to the local feline-warlord thingie who nobly raped her and then she fell in love with him. Very weird.
posted by TrishaLynn 24 August | 22:38
That was one of the subplots in The Pinballs...the girl was looking for one she hadn't read.
posted by brujita 24 August | 22:52
I have a couple of these from 1 box buys, but haven't read them. They look pretty terrible. There are sexy professions and there are definitely not sexy professions - doctors but not dentists, pilots but not the guy behind the BA counter at Heathrow, and how would you write a sexy bodice-ripper about a guy who sits at a computer all day? The sexy professions are thrilling, with an element of danger.
posted by goo 25 August | 07:16
I think that's mostly, but not entirely true. I just weeded the romance paperback section at my library, and, much like Christian lit, romances are a mostly-under-the-radar thing that has expanded to fill every available market niche. I see a lot of romance books where the sexy profession is, like, auto mechanic or chef or something--somebody who puts in a hard day's work with their strong hands, somebody honest and dependable and reliable, like that. Like Stringer Bell in Daddy's Little Girls.
posted by box 25 August | 09:08
Too true, box. All of the aspirations a woman could possibly have are covered by the genre - an exciting, adventurous man; a strong, dependable man; a dangerous, heart-breaking man; and most importantly, a manly man.

Okay, tangent - how is Tyler Perry viewed by US critics, and especially by the black community? I haven't seen Daddy's Little Girls but I've seen a few of his other movies, plays and House of Payne and his characters seem caricatures, but I understand his stuff is hugely popular. Is this sort of portrayal of African-Americans seen as positive or negative? Sorry to derail, but you reminded me of something I've been pondering for a while, box!
posted by goo 25 August | 10:58
I have this on my book shelf at home. I am waiting for the apporpriate giftee.
posted by danf 25 August | 17:52
danf, we get more compies of Cherry Ames books at the store then you'd ever believe. they must've been really popular back in the day.
posted by jonmc 25 August | 19:45
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