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22 August 2008

a shot from radiohead (warning: 8MB JPG, SFW)
shot it on Tuesday in the pouring rain. Tremendous show. This is a composite of 15 shots taken in pretty much the dark, standing on the roof of a football stadium with my camera inside a plastic protector thing that resembled an animal husbandry glove.

There's some motion blur and some stitching errors, but all in all I'm pretty happy with the shot.
How was the show??? I keep hoping they'll come back here - but they haven't.

My brother-in-law sat next to Thom on a bus once, though.
posted by jonathanstrange 22 August | 01:22
That is really freaking cool.
posted by BoringPostcards 22 August | 01:53
Very, very cool. Wasn't the light show amazing?
posted by BitterOldPunk 22 August | 02:11
Oh my Jesus, that's a lot of portable toilets.
posted by mdonley 22 August | 03:57
I could write a long screed about the utter incompetence of the security and crowd control and the fucktards/fratboys in front of the stage at Vancouver but I'll spare you. And I ended up in the bleachers with my son, his ex-gf, two other of his friends, and five of mine, and all was well.

And the Seattle show was fucking sublime. And I was on the rail, right in front. Bliss.
posted by jokeefe 22 August | 14:19
Btw, re: Seattle-- if you scroll through the picture gallery at this review, picture #11 shows my friends Sarah, Brittany, and Cheryl (and my arm, in the lacy white sweater). It kind of sums it all up.
posted by jokeefe 22 August | 14:23
I should've gone for Seattle tickets. Ah well.

Vancouver was a paid gig for me, so I was wandering in the bleachers and crowd for a bit, and then for about the last half of the set, I was on the roof above the bleachers - it's easily my favorite spot to watch shows at T-Bird. The caretaker at Thunderbird knows and likes me, so if I'm working a show it's instant roof access. Last year, I got to watch a chunk of the Virgin Festival, and every time I worked an Arts County Fair I made a point of getting up there for a set.

As for security/crowd control: as someone who's worked on/put on shows in that stadium for some years now (since I was 17!), I can safely say that part of the problem is the magnitude of the event. The company used is the only one in town big enough to handle it, and they have to dig pretty deep into their reserves to do so, so every powertripping faux-police roidhead is out on the show, as well as (on the opposite end) a bunch of mostly spaced-out lumps who're there to do the least work possible. I've sat through meetings and done in depth safety planning with the heads of the company and they know their stuff, but they get stuck with the worst of their staff when they're about to be the most visible. The smaller companies aren't much better; I could name names and provide reputations but that won't get anyone anywhere.

Also, yeah, the crowd was a jerkbucket; I was watching the mosh pit through a 200mm zoom lens and wondering what the hell was going on there.
posted by heeeraldo 23 August | 02:00
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