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21 August 2008

BPAL [More:]
Anyone use their stuff?

I just ordered six imps to try them out. Envy, penitence, the dormouse, white rabbit, mead moon and bengal.

I'm not sure what inspired this. I hate the disorganized and error-prone Web site, hate the florid prose, a little concerned for the mental health of the most devoted fans...

Also, I ordered almost two weeks ago and haven't received as much as a single confirmation or notice from the company, aside from my Paypal receipt... their site says they're busy, but this kind of thing really bugs me ever since I got ripped off on Ebay last year. Just tell me you got my order, for chrissake.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting the stuff. I haven't worn perfume since high school because I never like commercial scents, and I tend to like straight scents like Demeter but that stuff fades really fast.

If you like foody fragrances I can recommend White Rabbit, which I love. It's very 'yummy' smelling. The samples that came with it were all too strong for my taste, which tends toward the subtle, and I gave them away so that's the only scent I have from them, but I would order again and again. FWIW, I found the description of White Rabbit to be pretty accurate. Also, it's lasted forever both in the bottle and on the skin.

And I think slow delivery is normal for them.
posted by krix 21 August | 16:08
I have tons of friends who are devotees of their stuff. I don't think they'll rip you, they may just be slow. I've heard a LOT of good about them (in terms of the product itself), and nothing bad.
Have you emailed them?

speaking of perfume... the paper edition of Lush Times said ICON IS BACK. It isn't on the site yet, but they assured me it's because it's not out yet, not because it's sold out. ICON! I swear, I almost cried when I found out it was discontinued. And then bought the four gift sets of a mini bottle and a bath bomb the queen west shop in toronto had left.
posted by kellydamnit 21 August | 23:43
Yeah, I emailed them on Monday or Tuesday to ask if they received my order, but they haven't replied. I don't mind slow shipping, but at least email me to say "Yes, we received your request and your money." Geez.

The BPAL community is so weird... there are so many seemingly obsessive fans who've owned every scent ever and who trade constantly... they have their own vocabulary.

I'm not a huge fan of Lush -- I sneeze just walking past the stores, the smell is so strong. I will have to look up this Icon.
posted by loiseau 22 August | 00:17
Ohh... bergamot. I have always loved tea scents but I had a bottle of bergamot body wash a couple of years ago and after I used it a couple of times it started to really gross me out. Like, I'd feel nauseous just to smell it on myself through the day. I had to throw it out. Now I'm not sure where I stand with bergamot, though fortunately I can still drink Earl Grey...
posted by loiseau 22 August | 00:19
I make my own perfume, and have done so for years. I bought commercial perfume for the first time in my life around two years' ago, when I had time to kill in an airport (Lolita Lempicka, which is scrummy - and gosh was it fun going through the scents and thinking of my grandmothers, my mother, my sisters and aunts, all memories ignited by favoured perfume).

I buy perfumer's alcohol (92% with orris root, a scent fixative, from here) and add essential oils. Read up about base, middle and top notes (I have a few aromatherapy books, the best of which is The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, but google will do now, I'm sure) and start experimenting!
posted by goo 22 August | 09:28
goo, that is very cool. if I end up unable to get my hands on icon I may get the soap for comparison and try to blend my own.
The alcohol is cheaper than I thought it would be, too!
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 09:50
I know I am late in responding to this, but I have been out of town.

I order from BPAL all the time. Yes, they are slow, but that's because they are a very small operation and actually hand make their orders. Usually when you order several imps they will throw in a few extra fee imps as well. So while I may not be a scary BPAL cultist, I can say that BPAL has always been reliable and the product has always been great.

My personal favorites are Poison Apple and the now discontinued Neo Tokyo.
posted by evilcupcakes 25 August | 11:26
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