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17 August 2008

Any francophones around? [More:]
I'm translating my CV (finally) and I'm a scared of making a huge gaffe or implying I eat puppies or something... Is there anyone who could take a quick look at my draft and point out any weirdness? I'd also send the English version so you can check my intent.

I can't pay any amount that would make it worthwhile, but I'd be super-super appreciative. Pleeez?
My French (up to college lit classes, but never tested against actual French people) is pretty rusty, so there's probably someone better, but I'd be happy to look it over for you.
posted by stilicho 18 August | 02:19
not to denigrate stilicho's talents - my French is about the same level (college lit classes, and have lived in France, and deal with the language every day) and I wouldn't be confident to check a CV. I think you need an actual native speaker of French, and preferably one who works in a language-intensive field and who is somewhat familiar with the format required of (Canadian?) French CVs. I wouldn't take any chances with a CV - think about how picky you need to be about one in English.

Can't remember if there are any native francophones here, however.
posted by altolinguistic 18 August | 05:20
Exactly what stilicho said, except that I've visited Montreal once.
posted by box 18 August | 09:26
loiseau, I'm no francophone, but I know a bunch. My email's in my profile if you are still looking.
posted by richat 18 August | 11:05
Heh, yeah, I definitely need an actual francophone, preferably Quebecois/e.

I speak French too, but yeah, CVs are something else altogether. I'm in Montreal so I'll just ask a local pal.

posted by loiseau 18 August | 13:11
Yes, I thought that's what you had in mind - good luck!
posted by altolinguistic 18 August | 16:42
Bonne chance.

And next time, sheesh, you live in Montreal and you're asking random internetters to help with your French?! You live in Montreal!
posted by stilicho 18 August | 16:55
I just feel weird about asking my friends to look at my CV. It seems weirdly personal. I'd prefer to hand it off to a stranger who won't be like, "Oh, she thinks so, huh?" about all my florid self-praise.

But my friend Marie-Laurence is looking at it, so all is well.
posted by loiseau 18 August | 23:51
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