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16 August 2008

Is anybody watching this Rick Warren presidential candidate thing?
Yes. Warren already knows Obama's answers and viewpoints before he even asks.

Obama is slipping in terrific religious references. He's answering smart. He is using common sense and has compassion. I think he's doing well.

What do you think so far, box?
posted by LoriFLA 16 August | 19:38
So far, at least, there haven't been too many surprises (though Clarence Thomas might've been one, for me anyway), it seems like he's made some good points, and is doing a great job of emphasizing the common ground between himself and Warren's congregation/audience. I don't know if there's anything Obama could say to win the votes of, oh, let's call them the John Hagee crowd--but he's doing well at reaching out to a more moderate Rick Warren/T.D. Jakes crowd of Christians.

C-Span's really playing up the massive scale of Saddleback. I always try to watch this kind of stuff on C-Span, but I wonder how everybody else is covering it.
posted by box 16 August | 19:44
(I'm reading this James Fallows thing about the debates while I watch, but that's mostly just gossip.)
posted by box 16 August | 19:49
Here comes McCain!
posted by box 16 August | 19:57
Ooh, good, none of the third people he named are GWB's favorite political philosopher. And that's to McCain's credit, from where I'm standing at least.

His greatest moral failure was the failure of his first marriage. I wonder where the Keating Five thing ranks.

Ten minutes in, McCain's doing all right.
posted by box 16 August | 20:05
I cannot believe he said Petraeus. Well, I can but what a horrible answer.
posted by LoriFLA 16 August | 20:07
I figure that the reasoning is that keeping Iraq firmly in people's minds is one of the ways he can win the thing.
posted by box 16 August | 20:16
McCain's doing a good job of mixing the foreign-policy stuff with the religious codewords.

Damn, take that, Supreme Court.
posted by box 16 August | 20:26
The defining civil rights issue of the 21st century is school choice? Huh?
posted by box 16 August | 20:31
$3 million for bear research, and we laugh about it. Possibly because, in a country of 300 million people, our individual share is one cent. Hell, I'd gladly put up a shiny dime for bear research.
posted by box 16 August | 20:34
This is the only thing of importance to happen here in Lake Forest in the last year. I hear A LOT of helicopters outside. The campus of the church itself looks like an office park with date palms.
posted by mdonley 16 August | 20:36
Here's what it looks like.
posted by mdonley 16 August | 20:39
Lots of softball questions, but that's no surprise (they didn't call it a 'civil forum' for nothing). And both candidates performed pretty well, I think, though I don't know if they'll change anybody's mind.
posted by box 16 August | 20:54
Yeah, I think McCain did pretty well, except for a few points that I don't agree with personally, but pretty well.

I'm surprised McCain was able to fill up the hour with relative smoothness. It was good.
posted by LoriFLA 16 August | 20:57
Will this be up on video anywhere, and what station was it on?
posted by bunnyfire 16 August | 21:06
bunnyfire, I think all news channels covered it. I watched it on CNN and C-Span. C-Span will re-air it later tonight and tomorrow morning at 10:30 eastern.
posted by LoriFLA 16 August | 21:17
AAAANnnnddd me with no cable...yeah, I'm a dinosaur. But I haz internets.

(And hey, even if I'd had cable, I was out eating mexican food with the hubby. Two dates in one week-woo!)

Speaking of which, we have our network finally set up here at home. We are computering side by side. Life is good.
posted by bunnyfire 16 August | 21:31
The defining civil rights issue of the 21st century is school choice? Huh?

What was he supposed to say? Immigration? That might be the right answer, but he can't admit it without undermining his essentially irrational position.

School choice is an interesting issue to raise, though -- it lights up latent-racist circuitry all over right-wingers' brains.

(NB: I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea, given the degree of resegregation that has happened in public schools.)

I've not been watching this. I'm gonna go check C-SPAN and catch the rebroadcast.
posted by BitterOldPunk 16 August | 21:32
What was he supposed to say?

Well, that's the thing. The question wasn't about civil rights--McCain totally volunteered that shit. And Warren definitely didn't ask any questions about the greatest civil rights issues of the 21st century (though maybe he should've--it would've given McCain a good chance to talk about abortion, and reminded everybody of Obama's racial identification).
posted by box 16 August | 22:09
Thanks, LoriFLA...

And thanks to Rick Warren for providing the forum. I think it will be useful and it is certainly nice to get real answers and not sound bites.
posted by bunnyfire 16 August | 22:35
Obama on aboriton

I was very disappointed that this linked led to a logical discussion about abortion, and not an awesome discussion about an abortion-giving robot.

posted by mullacc 16 August | 22:38
heehee, I saw that I misspelled it.

posted by LoriFLA 16 August | 22:53
I didn't watch even though it was on my network. I'm kind of in, "I'm closing my eyes, tell me when it's over" mode. I am far from being an Obama-bot, but OMG, he is so, SO much smarter than the other guy, I can't even imagine what it will be like if he doesn't win.

Well, actually, I can... it'll be like the last eight years, combined with the Reagan era. Which means I'll have to shoot myself, if I don't starve first.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 August | 00:27
posted by mdonley 17 August | 00:40
McCain says he wouldn't have nominated nearly half of the Supreme Court. Nice. It's like a "King of the Hill" flashback!

Peggy: Did a woman judge ruin the Supreme Court?
Hank: Yes, and that woman's name was Earl Warren.
posted by scody 17 August | 02:33
John McCain defines 'rich' as 5 million a year! So if you're only making a paltry 4 million, then you're middle-class?!!
posted by octothorpe 17 August | 07:06
Haha--McCain's very next sentence was something like 'Now, I know that somebody's going to quote that out of context.'

That 'Where do you define rich?' question is one of the very few that might've been interpreted as hostile to McCain. I mean, for him at least, there's no right answer. Any number that's too low will peel off people who are torn between voting with their conscience and with their wallet, and any number that's too high will strain the long-fragile links between the Repubs dual constituencies of social conservatives and rich people.
posted by box 17 August | 10:03
So if you're only making a paltry 4 million, then you're middle-class?!!

if you're only making a paltry 4 million, you're probably doing it cleaning McCain's pool.
posted by quonsar 17 August | 23:51
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