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14 August 2008

Not how I wanted to end up in the paper "Death threats from angry readers commonplace for adblogger" - but at least they spelled my name right.[More:] I showed the links here when it was happening, but I don't think I told you about the three-in-the-morning phonecalls. short summary here. I'm trying to be as objective as I can despite the situ, but it really worries me that shit like that happens. I've read about the anti-carrefour and anti-cnn site/groups before but thought they simply engaged in letter writing campaigns. Clearly, they have some very angry people joining in who take it all too far. Has this type of thing happened to anyone else?
Wow. Just wow.
I'm actually speechless.
posted by seanyboy 14 August | 06:07
This is crazy, dabitch. I hope you're doing OK. Hopefully this will die down since the campaign has been pulled.

Your picture in the paper is good. You look great. (This is something my mother would say. Totally disregard the issue and comment on an attractive appearance. :-))
posted by LoriFLA 14 August | 06:13
Well, it IS a great photo of her. :)

Wow, dabitch, that's crazy stuff.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 August | 06:48
Hopefully this will die down since the campaign has been pulled.
That just made them angrier, and the calls came in when I reported on that. They're pissed that I don't apologize and take the campaign off the site.

Thanks about the photo. Miklas takes greats shots.
posted by dabitch 14 August | 06:50
Nothing quite that bad, but I've personally been on the end of a couple of bizarre online monsterings courtesy of people that don't like the clients my company works for (nothing sinister - large corporates mainly).

The China stuff is pretty crazy really. Look at a cross-section of English-language online protests, and you'll see endless petitions with less than 100 signatures attached to them over a period of many, many months. Some companies (cf. the one that is mostly exposed to Indian baby formula issues) have mainly stopped caring about these protestors, and do little more than go through the motions in terms of engaging with them.

China is another story though. There were reports earlier this year though of several million signatures to an anti-Carrefour petition in China. They can also get pretty nasty (as you've found out), and most of the hardcore of protestors are coming from more of a nationalist / ecomomic than a principled stance, and are prepared to go off at more or less any third-hand report (we often see clients mistakenly identified in protest actions originating in China for things they have no involvement with). Sounds as though hacktivism is becoming increasingly common too, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this increasingly targeting non-governmental sites sooner rather than later.
posted by bifter 14 August | 06:50
hactivism is a great word, and not fun to be on the receiving end of. They did all sorts of weird shit, including trying to googlebomb my site linked to the word prostitute. wtf? More serious things were DOS attacks but that stopped after a few days.
posted by dabitch 14 August | 07:46
Ach, that's awful, dabitch. Not unexpected, but awful.

I guess if one grows up somewhere that history is routinely erased and rewritten, as opposed to simply rewritten, one tends to think anything can be erased from existence.

It's a pity.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 August | 08:13
Yikes. Stand firm, dabitch.
posted by Orange Swan 14 August | 08:23
you are really pretty and i am glad you are standing up for yourself and your values!
posted by By the Grace of God 14 August | 09:31
Holy shit, dabitch. That sucks. I'm glad to see you're staying strong.

Well, it IS a great photo of her.

I sincerely doubt there are any bad photos of dabitch, BoPo!

posted by goo 14 August | 11:45
That really fuckin' sucks.

Good on you for standing your ground.
posted by jason's_planet 14 August | 18:46
I have to agree with Simon Brouwers at Red Cross youth in Sweden, it IS the perfect time to bring human rights up, after all.

Those are very well done ads. Powerful, to the point.

There are many whom are easily lead and misinformed, take the threats seriously. Kudos to your noncompliance.
posted by alicesshoe 15 August | 00:39
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