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13 August 2008

TMI! Share random things that won't cost yer job, yet have no reason to be webbed.
My inspiration for this is that I told my trainer tonight I have a tipped uterus. I thought this might possibly factor into my "dumb butt" problem. She didn't know what it was, and kinda had a TMI reaction.

It's not a condition, just a fact. Like being left-handed. 90% of uteruses curve or tip slightly forwards, mine tips slightly backwards. Big whoop, note it on the chart and move on.

So now you know.
posted by rainbaby 13 August | 19:48
I wasn't breast-fed as a child, so that might explain that when asked what my favorite part of the opposite sex's anatomy is, I answer nipples.

Dumb butt?
posted by eekacat 13 August | 19:59
My uterus tips to the right. For real. My ob/gyn told me.

Here's my random fact: I just used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser om my skin, to get hair dye off my hairline. It worked. Hopefully I won't break out on a rash or anything.
posted by amro 13 August | 20:00
I had a tilted uterus as well. Backward (retroverted), like yours. Well, I did, when I had a uterus.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:00
I like to pick things. Blackheads are a delight.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:01
I also like to tweeze.

When I was 17 I had a minor crush on my GYN and even drove to his condo to check out where he lived. Did I just admit that?
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:03
My best friend and I used to follow people. A couple could walk out of a cafe, get into their car, and we would follow them and make up an elaborate story of how they met, where they were going, etc. It was an adventure. It wasn't creepy. At least not to us. Strange, but not creepy. As soon as they reached their destination we kept on driving.

I'll stop now.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:06
Whenever I am at the computer at home, I am usually half-dressed. I come in the room to undress or dress, get halfway, and then realize that SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT might have happened on the internet and I stop the process and poke around online for half an hour.
Time to put pjs the rest of the way on...
posted by rmless2 13 August | 20:08
I accidentaly popped a big zit on my left cheekbone today and spent the better part of an hour sopping the flow with tissues. I added a crater to my face, but you cant polish a turd, as they say, so what the hell. It's also tough to look 'professional' swabbing bloody oil of your face, but the homeless guys didn't seem to mind.
posted by jonmc 13 August | 20:09
I also have a redundant colon.

I also break out in a hideous rash with whiteheads all over my face when I take most medications (drug-induced photosensitivity).
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:12
1) Friend in college and I would guess people's cars from their shoes. AMAZING game while waiting in line...three hours for iPhones was NOTHING.

2) I don't have a uterus.
posted by mdonley 13 August | 20:40
Did I just admit all of this stuff and nobody (except a few) are going to spill? :-)
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 20:59
I have been taking the cat outside to brush her, because I use a rubber brush that tends to kick up a major cloud of cat fur. I then pick up the bits of cat fur that land in my yard and toss them over the fence into my neighbors' yard, because they have a hella annoying dog that tends to bark entirely too early in the morning (also their yard is a mess and I doubt they'll notice the extra fur).
posted by occhiblu 13 August | 21:02
I once was in the room while my mother (who is a 'lactation consultant') had to, well, milk my aunt (her sister) to clear her blocked milk ducts. Awkward.

I had to stop donating blood as whenever I did I would start throwing up and needed oxygen. Sometimes I threw up over the boy I had a crush on.

My toe turned black once - the base of the toe had a whole chunk of flesh die, and turned into the biggest squeeze fest ever. Pus was oooozing out. I actually secretly enjoyed this for several reasons - it was more satisfying than popping the biggest pimple - and it was hella dramatic and allowed me to lie around in bed all day in hospital for a week, reading, and being waited on hand and foot.
posted by jonathanstrange 13 August | 21:10
I've been scratching the hell out of the back of my knee for about two years now. I finally found out it's an anxiety condition. (well, now it is anyway). At the worst point I had open sores over a four inch square.

Now the skin is a little reddish and still kind of scaly.
posted by lysdexic 13 August | 21:12
Ack! clogged nipple pores. And backed up milk. ugh.

The first time that happened to me I was terribly, um, stiff. When that sucker finally popped out I filled half a bottle (about 2 oz.) unassisted.
posted by lysdexic 13 August | 21:20
OMG, that is so funny, jonathanstrange, about the milking of breasts. My husband used to massage from my armpit down to clear plugged ducts. He was great at it.

One time I think I had a boil on my butt, or maybe it was my sister's boil, and we made up a song that we still sing to this day to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It.

There's a boil on my butt get it off...
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 21:46
Lori's song reminded me:

I was in college, back home over the holidays, and I was driving around with my brother. There was a postal truck going the other way, and I saw it and sung out "MAIL TRUCK! MAIL TRUCK! WOOO WOOOOO!" for absolutely no reason at all. We found this very funny and so both of us began doing it any time we saw a mail truck.

A few years later I was working as a tour guide in Venice, and I was leading my group between stops, and I looked out onto the Grand Canal and saw the postal boat, and so, in front of a group of 20 paying tourists, I spontaneously sang out, "Mail boat! Mail boat! WOO WOOOO!"

(On the plus side, my general tourguide shtick was "Wacky American girl who had obviously been in the Drama Club in high school," so I'm not sure they even really noticed.)
posted by occhiblu 13 August | 22:09
Ha, that is so funny, occhiblu. Our song had a Woo Hoo! Instead of, Amen!
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 22:29
OK, I wouldn't share this otherwise but it sort of meshes with the lactation theme?

When I'm more depressed than usual, I have a hard time looking people in the eye. Sometimes this means I, uh, accidentally look more in the chest area on a woman than the face area. I'm really not even focusing when I do this. It happened at the grocery store Tuesday -- I turned a corner, made eye contact with a woman I almost crashed into (hey, I was on the "right" and she was on the "left", sheesh), and immediately went back to hangdog as we passed. She pulled her arms across her breasts and clucked at me loudly. That was the first time I realized I'd done it again.

Which didn't help my depression, of course.
posted by stilicho 14 August | 17:01
Well, since we're talking about breasts....

After having my firstborn (who was a month early), my milk came in the day after we left the hospital. For whatever reason, my son would not nurse on the ..ahem..left side. (For what it's worth, I am large bosomed to begin with). So when the milk came in, let's just say it took on the size of a volleyball and the tautness of a football. I looked a bit uneven. To say the least.

(Problem was finally solved with tears and the "football hold". For those who don't know, you cradle the baby like a football, with the feet behind you, to nurse.) I still remember the pain!
posted by redvixen 14 August | 18:43
Oh, and I cannot have a pimple on my face without making a bloody mess. I'm not happy until they are popped.
posted by redvixen 14 August | 18:44
Jonathanstrange reminded me of the time I got blood poisoning in my right elbow. (Don't know how.) The swelling went above my elbow, about halfway up, down to halfway to my wrist, and my elbow itself was stretched tight. My doctor told me to go home, wrap the elbow in a warm, wet towel, wrap the towel in plastic, then apply a hot heating pad. The moist heat would pop the infection, and the pus would ooze out. If I bent my elbow (very painful in the beginning), it was like watching a PlayDoh press. Gross, but entertaining nonetheless.
posted by redvixen 14 August | 18:48
Yay! I seem to have spawned tonnes of embarrassing information!

I have one last one - actually this was the same aunt that I mentioned above, different baby though.

She was feeding him at a cafe and talking away, obviously not really looking at the bub, when the man sitting next to her tapped her on her shoulder and said "Er, excuse me, but you appear to be leaking on me"

She looked down, and because the milk was coming in so fast Max had stopped drinking, and the milk was GUSHING all over the guy next door.

I don't think I could imagine anything more embarrassing!
posted by jonathanstrange 14 August | 19:54
I have had pinworms a few times over the past few years. A few days ago, I went and got an OTC drug, Pin-X, which works as well as a prescription. I am not sure where I get them, once I am cleared.

I am also hesitant to talk to my fam. about it. They do not have the symptoms, though (very itchy butt around bed time).

But I am all better now.
posted by danf 15 August | 12:42
This dog is forked up. || The Macbook has arrived!