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12 August 2008

what is the matter with people?????
Well, I'm made of carbon and some other things (like fairy dust).
posted by mdonley 12 August | 22:33

What the hell is wrong with you?????
posted by ethylene 12 August | 22:52
Matter. Matter. That's a funny word to say. Matter. Mmmmatter.
posted by Hellbient 12 August | 23:10
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 August | 23:12
People in general, including myself, suck big green donkey dicks. As soon as you think you figure them out, and you expect something from them, they fail miserably.

That's why I recommend you spend your time in the company of dogs. They're much better than people, and are sweet, loving, nonjudgmental creatures. Hell, if mine were judgmental, they'd have left long ago since I'm a complete asshole person.

Yay for doggies to bring sanity to my stupid life.
posted by eekacat 12 August | 23:30
Somebody, and I'm not naming names, failed Intelligent Design 101 big time.
posted by Ardiril 12 August | 23:37
They're fucked in the head. As a result, cataloging the myriad ways they're fucked in the head is beyond their fucked heads.
posted by pompomtom 12 August | 23:43
Evidently I'm not who I thought I was, so maybe the wish about being a sexy Cylon is coming true.
posted by Brandon Blatcher 13 August | 00:03
They SUCK. I have been asking myself that for about 2 weeks. It seems like lately everyone I run into is the biggest fucking asshole I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
posted by evilcupcakes 13 August | 00:13
If it was up to me 99.9% of the worlds population would vanish overnight. If I was having a particularly benevolent day, it might only up to 80% vanishment.

posted by ninazer0 13 August | 00:46
All people are shit.
Bad trip tattooed on my brain.
posted by TheophileEscargot 13 August | 03:39
1. Communication is hard.
2. They've got their own shit to deal with.
3. Something bad happened to them and they're still taking that out on the world.
4. Red in tooth and claw.
5. The drive to procreate. The insistent everpresent drive to procreate.
6. Synergy is weird.
posted by seanyboy 13 August | 04:44
There are TOO MANY of them. And it's breaking our planet.
posted by chewatadistance 13 August | 06:33
They're tired. Or hungry. Or they just need a hug.
posted by Orange Swan 13 August | 08:09
People are no damned good.
posted by dg 14 August | 02:32
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