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12 August 2008

Brandon and Lisa Blatcher are real people and those are their real names! -the link explains what is going on with our buddy Brandon Blatcher.

If any of you bunnies are on facebook, please consider joining the group Brandon and Lisa Blatcher are real people and those are their real names!

If you need a link, the thread I linked in the title has it- down near the bottom of the thread.
Well apparently somebody did something, they got their accounts back!

You can use this thread to celebrate.

posted by bunnyfire 12 August | 18:26
Mucho thanks to bunnyfire for starting that group and the various people who joined.

Luckily, our accounts are back and while I don't believe it was the Facebook group was the sole reason (there were an interesting private message or two), I am astonished and grateful to everyone who pitched in and gave me and my wife a hand. It warms my sometimes too cynical heart and left me smiing from ear to ear about how nice people can be.

Thanks and hugs to all!
posted by Brandon Blatcher 12 August | 18:27
wb Brandon. Glad it worked out even before I got through both threads :)
posted by special-k 12 August | 19:14
This incident has me wondering how many people have vital business data on Facebook that would be unrecoverable in a similar event. This may be something an entrepreneurial type would want to explore.
posted by Ardiril 12 August | 19:32
I messaged the AskMeta thread over to Facebook using their Suggestion box- glad to hear that it all worked out for good!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 August | 20:01
Pretty sure they're not going to like that I signed up as Middle Class Tool. Ah well, it's not like I ever go there anyway.

Though it is stunning to me how many people from my past, like high school, have friended me, even though my name is nowhere on my profile.
posted by middleclasstool 12 August | 20:12
I find it funny that the issue was that they needed "real first and last names," yet your notification was only signed:

User Operations

Jackson WHO? Jackson WHO? Are you even REAL?
posted by Miko 12 August | 20:42
Hey, Brandon. Glad you and your wife got your accounts back.

It's a little troubling to me that one company should have that much power over people's communication. Now, I don't have an account myself and, in all likelihood, never will. But it is important for a lot of people out there, for business and networking and such.

It's almost like having your telephone service taken away from you. It seems that important to people.

Again, it's a little troubling.
posted by jason's_planet 12 August | 21:34
See, another reason to not use facebook. As if we needed any more.
posted by dabitch 13 August | 05:11
Too late- Facebook is #1.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 August | 10:12
Aaaaand || what is the matter with people?????