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11 August 2008

I'm nervous about this wedding I'm shooting later today, so I updated my muxtape.

more about the mix: it's all songs with animal names, but I went for the darker stuff - there's a lot of feedback and squall and general oddity which isn't something I've explored with mixes. Black Sheep Boy #4 was a bit of a stretch, admittedly, but I love the song, and Rooks has some of the darkest lyrics in my library.

about the wedding: I don't shoot weddings. Rock concerts, architecture, house parties, some photojournalism. It's a friend/coworker and it was either me or her saddling her soon-to-be stepson with a point/shoot camera to do it, so while the bar is rather low I'm still a little nervous. I've got some rental stuff on hold for tomorrow so I'm set gear-wise, it's just the usual performance anxiety for me coupled with the whole no-do-overs nature of weddings.

send whuffies, please.
Wow, GREAT muxtape there, heeeraldo! You've got a couple of big favorites of mine in there.

Best of luck with the wedding! I've shot two in my whole life, and have decided "never again" (even though both went fine).
posted by BoringPostcards 11 August | 04:53
Good luck with the wedding shoot.

I've only done one wedding video, and discovered that having an Essential Tremor is *not* a good thing when trying to capture the most important day of somebodies life.

JJ Abrams would have been proud of me.
Unfortunately, the bride and groom were devastated. :-(
posted by seanyboy 11 August | 06:41
Nice mix. You've got "Playhouses" uploaded instead of "Wolf Like Me", though.

Make sure to use blanks at the wedding.
posted by Eideteker 11 August | 10:19
I know someone who's going to a wedding tonight as well.
And my question to you as well as him is: Who the hell has a wedding on a Monday night?

good luck.
posted by Hellbient 11 August | 14:44
Who the hell has a wedding on a Monday night?

Musicians. Because musicians hardly ever have gigs on Monday nights, so it's easy for all their friends to come.
posted by Miko 11 August | 14:46
Ah, yes. And broadway actors, and restaurant workers, museum workers, etc.
posted by Hellbient 11 August | 16:14
actually, we're all bookstore employees.
it was on Monday because it was planned sort of last-minute.
posted by heeeraldo 12 August | 02:07
AC/DC vs. Bad Company? || Happy birthday to TAZ!!