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06 August 2008

I would! What ever happened to Mr. Pibb? I never see it anymore.
posted by LoriFLA 06 August | 23:17
Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb. Next thing you know we'll have Miss Persimmon or Paprika, Esq.
posted by netbros 07 August | 00:30
Mr. Pibb is now Pibb Xtra.

See also Dr Pepper rip-offs ...

I am definitely a "Pepper" and rarely go without, especially since the current formulation of the diet version is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Really, I'm a soda pop eclectic, rotating through a bunch of flavors including colas, ginger ales, cream sodas, and especially root beers, as well as the occasional lemon-lime concoction or other fruit flavors.

Say, isn't that a very familiar TV town? Studio, or San Mateo, or someplace like htat?
posted by stilicho 07 August | 00:35
I knew someone who was in one of the DP commercials (not this one).

I always thought it tasted vile.

Riddle from horse camp:

Why does Dr Pepper come inside a bottle?
Because his wife died.
posted by brujita 07 August | 01:05
Dr Pepper is definitely my fizzy beverage of choice (although I does love me a good root beer). It makes me sad that Dublin Dr Pepper (i.e. Dr Pepper made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup) is only available in Texas (although you can get it shipped elsewhere, if you don't mind ridiculously expensive soda).

(Hmm, think this comment might need more parentheticals...)
posted by The Pusher Robot 07 August | 02:26
if you don't mind ridiculously expensive soda

1.20 a can (not Dublin either), when my local imported foodstuffs store deigns to carry it. Gah.
posted by romakimmy 07 August | 04:55
Whoa, that takes me back.
posted by Specklet 07 August | 05:10
I don't drink soda very often but often as not if I do it'll be Dr. Pepper. I'd be happy if I could get the kind with sugar rather than corn syrup. But whatever, the funny thing is I just got a peculiar craving for some Faygo sodas I haven't had probably in 15 years or more. Frosh. Bavarian Cream. Cherry Berry. Pineapple Orange. I think they were all diet sodas, too, and as a rule I despise diet sodas. Used to get those 12 for $1, man.
posted by Wolfdog 07 August | 05:35
I really like the following Dr Pepper ads.
1 & 2

especially 2.
posted by seanyboy 07 August | 08:19
Miss Persimmon

What a great drag name. For a faded Southern belle type.

TV Town: is it? I found myself distracted by the facades behind the dancing crowd, becuase they really did look familiar. Maybe that's because they're featured in other stuff. I thought it was somewhere I'd been, but it's probably that the place has been on film before.
posted by Miko 07 August | 09:25
I don't want to be a Pepper! I don't care anymore! Every goddamn day someone is up my driveway wanting to know if I consider myself a Pepper! Can't you see I'm busy???? What's the world coming too with alla this Pepper? You know what I want? Hah? You know what I want? I want the godDAMN paperboy to hit the godDAMN porch once innawhile, how about that, hunh? Hunh, Mr. Be A Pepper Whatever Your Name Is?

Oh god....

Cranky Bathrobe Guy,
Quiet Leaflined Street,
The Town You Grew Up In, NH
posted by Lipstick Thespian 07 August | 10:21
Wasn't the pepper guy in An American Werewolf in London?
posted by plinth 07 August | 13:07
Today, at the Famous Used Bookstore, || Clunky shoes, how I love you so.