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06 August 2008

For Those of You Keeping Track - An Update [More:]Well, today we went for the latest scan results to Mr. V's oncologist in Philly. First of all, on his last visit, they never notified us that they changed offices and were now in a completely different building. So this time we showed up at the new offices - only to find that we were expected to be in yet another set of offices, a block away. Back in the hospital. So after trying to figure out which way to go in Philly (so many buildings are a part of Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hosp. that they cover several blocks). Once finally there, we only waited a half hour in the waiting room before being shown to an examination room. But we were in there for over an hour.

Then a nurse comes in an asks Mr. V if he'd brought the films with him. The same films that were supposed to have been sent a week prior. No wonder Mr. V's blood pressure was up. She called again and found them, thank goodness.

Finally the oncologist comes in. Now, Mr. V had his last scans at the end of April. During the last visit, we were told that they saw "things" in his liver and lung. So the doctor had his radiologist re-read the films (the films were done and read closer to home). After a very tense weekend, the doctor called to say that what they saw was just blood vessels. Apparantly not.

Today we were told that Mr. V had three lesions in his liver - one which hasn't changed, and two that were there on the last scan but are now gone. We were also told that he had three lesions on his right lung - one hasn't grown; one is new to make four; one has increased from 4 to 7 mm; and another has increased from 3 to 4mm. So he isn't clear, as we'd been led to believe from the last visit. He's not sure how to react; I'm mad that they made it sound okey-dokey last time. It's not devestating news, since some did not grow and two disappeared, but it's quite disturbing nonetheless.

We will continue with the 37.5mg for now - the next set of scans are to be done in November. If things stay "good", he'll stay on that dosage. If things get worse, he'll either go back on the 50mg, or possibly try another drug.

I know we've all said it before, but I'll say it again. Cancer Fucking Sucks.
Oh, wow, redvixen. All I've got is ((hugs))

posted by lysdexic 06 August | 19:11
Me too. Hugs. And lit candles.
posted by dabitch 06 August | 19:15
Your family is in my thoughts. You seem like a very very strong person, and I'm sure it takes a lot to share here, but thank you for the update - sincerely.
posted by rainbaby 06 August | 19:41
posted by sperose 06 August | 19:46
Thanks for the update redvixen. I continue to think good thoughts for you guys. And, I echo what rainbaby said about your strength as well.
posted by richat 06 August | 19:49
Hugs and hope redvixen.
posted by gomichild 06 August | 20:02
I'm so sorry to hear that redvixen.

(sending you good thoughts and positive energy)
posted by hadjiboy 06 August | 20:04
redvixen, thank you for the update. I'm sending loving thoughts and good wishes for health to you and your husband, redvixen. Cancer is overwhelming. It sounds like you're being a really supportive and caring partner to your husband.
posted by LoriFLA 06 August | 20:06
Huge hugs to you both, redvixen, and positive vibes for your future.
posted by BoringPostcards 06 August | 20:31
I'm so sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you.
posted by jrossi4r 06 August | 21:10
Many hugs.

One thing that I could never understand is the difference of radiologists. They all see stuff differently. Ideally, the same one would read all the pictures but that never seems to happen.

The best of luck to you both, though.
posted by danf 06 August | 21:25
So sorry to hear, redvixen. All the best to you and the mister. You're in our thoughts.

Cancer does indeed suck.
posted by Pips 06 August | 21:29
I'm sorry to hear of these struggles, rv. IT takes so much patience. Hugs and best wishes to you both.
posted by Miko 06 August | 22:12
Cancer deserves a barbed wire enema. I hate cancer.

I would eat cilantro every day for the rest of my life if it meant no one would ever have cancer again.

posted by bunnyfire 06 August | 22:18
((((redvixen)))) Cancer sucks donkey balls.
posted by gaspode 06 August | 22:26
Ack. Hugs.
posted by casarkos 06 August | 22:52
Hugs to you redvixen.
posted by arse_hat 06 August | 22:58
Ohhh, redvixen! *hugs*
posted by brujita 07 August | 00:48
Wish I could do more than say "sucks" and wish for the best.
posted by Wolfdog 07 August | 07:18
(((redvixen))) Strength to you guys.
posted by chewatadistance 07 August | 07:25
Big ups, redvixen. Stay strong. Best wishes.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 August | 07:43
I'm glad for the update. Yes, best wishes and strength and blessings.
posted by Specklet 07 August | 07:47
posted by msali 07 August | 09:27
posted by mygothlaundry 07 August | 11:01
Thanks for the update. I'm sorry you were given misleading news. Hospitals do that.

I recall when I had a breast lump a couple of years ago I was told after a needle biopsy that all was well, only to be brought back for further, deeper core biopsies, which were inconclusive, as a result of which I needed surgery to remove the lump, which thankfully ultimately turned out to be benign.

I remember feeling so very relieved after the needle biopsy, and then I had a couple more months of intense worry before finally being given the all clear.
posted by essexjan 07 August | 11:31
Best wishes, redvixen and Mr. Vixen. Be strong.
posted by halonine 07 August | 17:27
Thank you, everyone. I'm finding that I can get through things better when I can lean on my friends for support. It is what it is; not to sound flip, but worrying ourselves to death about it won't help things. I really appreciate you guys being here so I can vent!
posted by redvixen 07 August | 17:58
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