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30 July 2008

STEEEELLA ?! STEEEELA?! [possible spoilers] Project Runway contestant and rocker from Astoria, I love you!
She looks vaguely familiar.
posted by jonmc 30 July | 21:31
You know, I thought that too, the first time I saw her. Maybe she just has that kind of look.
posted by MonkeyButter 30 July | 21:44
No, dude, I live in Astoria. I may have seen her around the neighborhood.
posted by jonmc 30 July | 21:57
Glad I checked back, yea, I realize where you are after I left my computer, earlier. DUH!
posted by MonkeyButter 30 July | 22:47
You like her? I think she is awful!
How could she possibly get away with that excuse for an outfit tonight? And can she ever make something that -SHOCK- doesn't lace up?
I was surprised not to see her in the bottom 3.
posted by rmless2 30 July | 23:47
Spoiler alert please?
posted by ethylene 30 July | 23:55
posted by iconomy 30 July | 23:56
Why the hell is it not working? The spoiler thing. Gah.
posted by iconomy 30 July | 23:59
got it, ike! It needs to go in the title field. But I also moved the name inside, because if Jan wakes up and sees this on the front page... well. She. Will. Not. Be. Pleased.

MonkeyButter, you just barely escaped with your skin.
posted by taz 31 July | 00:05
Ah...the title! I thought it just had to go somewhere in the initial post. Tanks.
posted by iconomy 31 July | 00:09
Actually... I don't even know what's happening here. Is this a spoiler, in fact?

Maybe MonkeyButter just loves Stella, but she didn't win ... something? (I've never seen this show, so I don't know how it works, or where in the cycle it is at this point, etc.)

Is this a for-real spoiler, or just a heartfelt declaration of passion from MonkeyButter Kowalski?
posted by taz 31 July | 00:16
Okay, I looked it up, and it seems that the title wasn't spoiling - so I returned it to the original. Sorry, MonkeyButt!
posted by taz 31 July | 00:41
Stella I could do without, but I could listen to Tim say, "Holla!" all day long.
posted by amro 31 July | 08:38
I love Tim, I would like him to be the winner. Every season!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 July | 09:12
I have a mad crush on Kelli. And want to murder Suede.
posted by tr33hggr 31 July | 10:14
Thanks guys for putting the alert in. Better safe than sorry, right?

posted by MonkeyButter 31 July | 11:09
I love Stella because she's such a piece of work.
posted by MonkeyButter 31 July | 11:22
Bless those tubers. Bravo should really make their shows more available, if for nothing else than having that one sought after viewing that has so much more impact than endless reruns.

i wonder if Stella found what she wanted early and never strayed or just stuck to what she knew and blocked out everything else for fear of the unfamiliar.
i like her aesthetic okay.

i want Suede to stop referring to himself in the third person and that tanning guy to combust.

Was surprised at the winning dress because i would have thought two others which were both separates would have won.

The losing dress was such a losing dress.
Also, a lot of the backs of these things were less than thrilling.
posted by ethylene 31 July | 12:22
I've read a few articles that said that this season really suffers from the fact that everyone wants to be Christian Siriano and I agree. I'm actually hoping they knock out Suede and Blayne early because they are so freaking annoying. They're just so mannered and so hyper-aware that they're on TV. And that girl who thinks she's the second coming of Betty Page kind of rubs me the wrong way, too. But I like Stella and her obsession with "leatha" and I like that nerdy girl who did the planter dress. She should have won last night.
posted by jrossi4r 31 July | 14:48
Betting with weed. || I could use one of these