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29 July 2008

Say goodnight, Mary. [More:] When we were up in Buffalo last week, I got to see my grandma who just turned ninety this spring. She had been in the hospital and in some pain, but they had moved her to a nursing/rehab home. She was alternating between hallucinations and lucidity. When she was lucid, she was the Grandma I grew up with and we very much enjoyed our visits with her.

I just got a call from my brother, and she's taken a turn for the worse. We don't know how long she will hang on, but she's stopped eating, is rarely conscious, and her blood pressure is 55 over 30.

If your the praying sort, say a prayer for my Grandma, that her passing will be gentle.

aw, ((Doohickie)), I'm sorry dude. Go gently Grandma, you will be missed.

posted by lonefrontranger 29 July | 22:48
I'm very sorry Doohickie. I hope it doesn't sound too callous of me to say that she sounds like she's lived a good long while (90! That's an accomplishment), and I have no doubt that her passing will be anything but gentle (it sounds it so far). I could only hope to go out in a similar fashion.

I'll keep you both in my thoughts.
posted by CitrusFreak12 29 July | 23:43
Hugs for the Doohickie clan and all the best for Mary.
posted by arse_hat 29 July | 23:45
posted by bunnyfire 30 July | 07:29
Loving thoughts are with you, your family and Grandma.
posted by mightshould 30 July | 07:35
Blessings to your Grandma, and to you and your family.
posted by Specklet 30 July | 09:31
Ach, doohickie, a great big hug. I hope you, your grandmother, and all your loved ones can find peace. Take care.
posted by Hugh Janus 30 July | 10:02
May flights of angels wing her to rest.
posted by ethylene 30 July | 10:37
Wow - 90 - what a run. (((doohickie)))
posted by chewatadistance 30 July | 10:48
I'm sorry, Doohickie. It's coming up on a year since my aunt died at the age of 92, and, whilst there's the knowledge that she had a long, full and very happy life, it was also so sad to lose her.

My thoughts are with you, Doohickie, and I'm so glad you got to see her last week.
posted by essexjan 30 July | 12:51
*hugs* May she go in peace.
posted by brujita 30 July | 16:05
CitrusFreak: It doesn't sound callous at all. She has lived a good life and we generally healthy until her hip gave out a few months ago. She had seven kids and twenty-five grandkids, and when I was little we used to go to Grandma & Grandpa's every Christmas and Easter, as did most of my cousins. It was awesome really.

Anyway, I am very grateful we got up there last week to see her before she took the latest turn for the worst. I haven't gotten a call today, so I can only assume she's hanging in there, and I wouldn't put it past her to rally and pull out of it. But I think she's running through her reserves at this point.
posted by Doohickie 30 July | 18:28
"...and was generally healthy..."
posted by Doohickie 30 July | 18:29
Take care of you and yours, Doohickie.
posted by goo 30 July | 18:49
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